Why are You still getting the ‘Morning Blues’…??

Why do we have limitations? 

As a child it’s so we can grow safely, until we are capable of more.

So why do we feel limitations as adults? If you feel limited in your ability to express yourself, to be creative and fulfilled, then that’s going to impact every area of your life.

If it’s within the laws of nature and it’s possible for a human being… then it’s possible for you.

Your career will feed all other areas of your life, but this needs to be balanced.

If you wake up in the morning feeling glum about having to go to work, then all thattumblr_lqglbvHRcs1qejbiro1_500  means is you haven’t found your ideal career yet. You’ll know when you find it because, you won’t need an alarm clock anymore because you’ll actually want to wake up, get up and get on!

Can you even imagine what that’s like?! For many of us, after nearly the first 20 years of our lives in school education, we get used to clinging on to the weekend and holidays as our only source of hope.

That’s only one way to do things…

“What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

If you’re in any doubt about what’s possible, check this guy out… and see what ‘a day in the office’ can be like.


If you want to know what it means to have real work/life balance; if you want to hear about a career that’s both meaningful and exciting; if you could use some inspiration about  what’s possible, then go visit Cory Yap’s blog at Aloha From 808 now.


Whatever you can imagine yourself doing, you can make possible. Within the bounds of reality, if you can create a picture in your mind of yourself doing something, then it’s possible for you to make it happen.

Imagine, when you were younger, that you took to heart the advice, ‘don’t talk to strangers’. So much so that you never grew out of it. What was once relevant and useful can become restrictive.

Which of your beliefs about yourself are limiting your capabilities now? What direction do you want to grow in?


P.S. To get a clearer picture of the possibilities in front of you, visit our section on how to develop your own career strategy.

P.P.S. If you’re looking for a useful metaphor, check out Napoleon Hill‘s new book. New book?? How can that be…?? Hasn’t he been dead for a few decades now?? Turns out, he wrote this book in 1938, but it was thought too controversial for publishing until 2011!!

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