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27cf175What people say about conversations with Khalil:

“After years trying conventional and unconventional help, Khalil put me in the right direction to take control over my life, with very precise and simple guidance.” A.T. Entrepreneur

Khalil has been coaching me within a business capacity, but I would encourage anyone – business or individual, to utilise him as a coach. – M.M. Civil Servant

Yes! I’m interested in your work, your relationships, and the way you communicate.

But what I’m really interested in is the evolution of your consciousness. And how you create meaning and purpose as you express yourself through your work, your leadership, your communication and the way you relate with people.

Yes I’m interested in your strengths, your talents, and your intelligence.

But what I’m really interested in is how you tap into your own creative genius. And how you express your individuality, uniquely, like no one else can.

Yes I’m interested in your capabilities, your achievements and your success.

But what I’m really interested in is the impact you can have on other people and the fulfilment that brings you.

If you’re ready to further evolve your consciousness, then I’m here to support you.
If you’re ready to tap into to your unlimited creativity, I’m here to show you how to unlock your potential. If you’re ready to make an impact, I’m here to encourage you on your path to fulfilment.

My role is to catalyse your growth, reflecting your highest potential back to you; to guide you towards the insights that will make a difference; and to hold you accountable in making your decisive actions. I will create a space of non-judgement, so that you can be confident in your vulnerabilities and humble in your strengths.

Your role is to rise to the challenge of your highest calling; to be open to new ways of seeing; and to be present, in the moment.

This is your call to action. This is your call to honour your gifts. This is your call to make manifest the length and breadth of who you
really are.

What is it you want for yourself and those close to you? What is it that will ignite your spirit? What is it that will bring you
fulfilment, energy and delight

To find out more, contact Khalil now for a no-cost introductory conversation, and begin to explore the ways you can grow your consciousness and manifest your sense of meaning into the world.

When you embark on a course of learning with Khalil, you’ll experience a personalised combination of informal conversation and formal tools to move you forward in your personal evolution. These tools include: Strengths Finder, Multiple Intelligences, the Grounding Exercise, and ‘The Oracle – a Narrative Strategy’.

You will set the direction, and I will help you navigate the journey.

Click here to arrange your no-cost introduction and begin the acceleration of your consciousness now.

Remember, you are Diamond!
When polished, you shine.

You’re already Amazing…

Now it’s time for the next level

  • Increase the power behind your actions: Play to your strengths and mitigate weaknesses, by acting strategically and synergistically.
  • Communicate with clarity:  Strengthen your connections and relationships, by getting your message across and honouring the message of others.
  • Find balance and fulfilment:  Be strong, healthy and energised, by getting Grounded, removing toxic influences and prioritising the nourishment you need.

Khalil will show you how to be grounded in your strengths, so that you can create profound meaning and find deep fulfilment in your personal and professional life.
You’ll discover a Narrative Strategy for expanding your perspective and creating a bigger picture. This will increase the quality of choices you’re able to make, and transform your decision-making abilities.
You’ll be introduced into the non-judgemental Language of Strengths so that you can massively increase the effectiveness of your communication, make valuable connections with people and establish ideal partnerships.
You’ll learn an incredibly powerful and simple technique for increasing your vitality, calming turbulent emotions and centering your mind, so that you can remain focused and engaged with the present moment.

For your no-cost 60 minute introduction to Learning and Narrative Strategy with Khalil, and to discover how you can increase the sense of meaning and fulfilment in your life, contact me below. During this online call with me, you will:

  • Identify your core strengths and how you can use them to get more of what’s important to you;
  • Learn in just a few minutes, a simple technique to stay focus, engaged and energised;
  • Activate the incredible Narrative power of your brain for overcoming challenges. You will never again feel stuck and will always find a solution.

Get in touch and arrange your no-cost Learning and Narrative Strategy session now!

This is about your fulfilment
– your personal and professional growth, expressing your purpose and contributing your unique gifts… Your talent, intelligence, insight and perspective.

When polished you shine.

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“Khalil managed to understand my problems like they were his own, he truly has empathy with his client.” – A.T. Entrepreneur, UK.


“Khalil has the ability to find the individual, to focus on whats important to you and to help you link your thoughts to your goals and turn them into actions.” – M.M. Civil Servant, New Zealand.


“I am fully convinced of the value coaches like Khalil offer their clients.” – T.A. Wells Fargo, USA.


“I have more confidence, some dating tips, and achieved some goals that would likely have taken me many years in a few months…” – J.B.K. Tech Wizard, USA.


“Working with Khalil … helped me explore things on a deeper level in ways I would have not considered and helped me see things in a different light.” – I.G. Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, USA.

There are so many messages in the world telling you what you need to be worthy… to feel good about yourself… a better job, a cooler hairstyle, more money, a bigger house, a faster car… These things are nice to have but…

All these messages ignore the truth! … The truth is… you are a treasure of the universe, a living jewel made from stardust…
Your DNA carries aeons of evolutionary knowledge. Your brain is the most sophisticated technology on the planet.
Your compassion knows no limit and can reach all beings.

 Ignore the lies about who you really are, you are not just a stomach here to consume or a resource to be corporatised.

Of course, you’re Like a multi-faceted Diamond

 …just as you are.

You have many Strengths and you can express yourself in many ways.

You are creative and act with purpose.


It’s time to step up your game and take it to the next level…


Thank you so much for your professional help. I have to say after years trying conventional and unconventional help, Khalil put me in the right direction to take control over my life, with very precise and simple guidance. He also managed to understand my problems like they were his own. He truly has empathy with his client.
I have managed to rise up from darkness, darkness I have never experienced like this before. Thanks to Khalil. THANKS And BLESSINGS. – A.T. Entrepreneur.

Precise and Simple Guidance…

After only a few sessions with Khalil I found myself telling a friend, “I have a new coach that I absolutely love! He’s got me believing I’m a capable, competent human being!”. (this was a radical turn-around from how I’d been feeling for years). Khalil is like an angel who has come to help me rediscover who I am. He continues to try to get me to imagine a different world. As I have a hard time doing that, sometimes the work is hard. At those times Khalil is like a loving taskmaster. He is completely present during the sessions, and has infinite patience with my slow progress. I feel truly supported and cared for. M.H. Researcher, USA.

Completely Present…

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