I want to share some of the things that I use, that really make a difference in my life. Items that instantly solve some of the most pressing isssues that can arise from day to day.

All these items are things I actually use myself and have bought for family and friends, and I want to share them with you, so you can be delighted with them too.

Make Hearts Free Again

The battle for Humanity is raging. The corrupt forces of materialism are attempting to deconstruct your consciousness and steal your essence. There are those who value the power of the intellect above the magnificence of the Heart; they want your heart imprisoned forever. Sadly, they’re disconnected from their own. The Way of the Heart balances … Continue reading Make Hearts Free Again

Bathe in me… B12

Ok it would be a really expensive bath… this stuff is sooo tasty I want to submerge in it and become a fish and breathe it in to my body. The taste of Dr. Group’s B12 is sublime. I would recommend it for the flavour alone… really it’s worth it just to be able to … Continue reading Bathe in me… B12