Update: How to… Solutions

I’ve been away from my website a while. Been on a kind of underworld journey. It got pretty hairy at times.

I made my way out of the labyrinth though, intact and on my feet, and I found something I didn’t know I was looking for.

The website is a bit more streamlined now, and there are a few particular Solutions I’ll be presenting.

The first is about How To Genius. It’s about school, education and learning. We’ve got it all back to front! This is an English Language training project which will develop into a school specialising in Learning, Communication and Organisation. It’s gonna be amazing. Updates will be at EnglishLearningAccelerated.com.

The second is about How to Healthy. It includes how to feel nourished and energised physically, emotinally, intellectually, spiritually, in your relationships, at home and at work, and in your social life. It’s a whole definition of health. It starts with Grounding.

The third one is about How to Relationships… this is the one I wasn’t expecting to find, and honestly I don’t know what to make of it at the moment. It’s a solution to the Battle of the Sexes. An empathic solution, transforming it into the Battle for the Sexes. It’s quite deep and actually really quite a heavy topic, one I believe will bring about the return of chivalry and restore trust between men and women.

More Soon


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