3 Powerful Gifts you receive when you practise Grounding


The practice of Grounding is one of the most powerful habits you can include in your life.

It’s many benefits impact your physical, psychological and spiritual health, enhancing your experience of life.

As well as these many benefits there are 3 powerful gifts you receive when you include Grounding practice in your daily life.


1) Focused Attention.

Attention is your most powerful resource! Every single man-made object exists because somebody was able to focus their attention on an idea, long enough for it to manifest into reality. Ideas, actions and outcomes flow seamlessly together when you’re able to maintain focus. When you’re able to turn your attention onto a task, person or subject and hold it there until fruition is reached you become a creator… you become someone who makes things happen.

Someone was asking me about meditation, saying, “Oh I can’t meditate because I can’t think of nothing!” This lady, who’s a jewellery maker and mother believed that somehow, having no thought, emptying the mind, would be useful. There’s another perspective that says mediation is the opposite… it’s about filling your attention with one thing. Like when you’re absorbed with your work. I asked her about the state of mind she gets in to when she’s creating a new piece of jewellery. When she focuses her attention on a creative thought, something new comes into reality! Likewise, when you’re a parent looking after your child, at food time, play time or story time… your warm, loving attention is focused purely on them. And it’s this kind of attention that nourishes a human being!

As you bring to mind your Grounding circuit, the connection between You, the Earth and the Sun… The Sun which nourishes the Earth, which nourishes You… you can feel the effect of that attention as your body begins to tingle. In this connection, there’s renewal and inspiration. You can spend just a few minutes with your attention focused here and you’ll come out feeling refreshed and energised. Try for yourself and see.
Every time you do this, you’re flexing your ability to maintain focus, to hold your attention towards a singular purpose. This is how you get things done! Focus your attention until your desired outcome is achieved.


2) Mind over Matter is real.

When it comes to your body, the movements it makes through space and time and the conditions of your internal environment, mind over matter is real! This has enormous implications for your health and well-being.

You intend to move or speak and then it happens. The same is true inside your body on a biochemical level. Obviously the choices about what kind of food and water you nourish your body with has consequences. The same is true for how you nourish yourself psychologically with the thoughts and feelings that you focus on.

Thoughts and feelings come and go, but the ones that matter are the ones we hold on to and return to. These choices impact our entire being right down to a physical, cellular level. When you bring something to mind, your psyche and body respond accordingly with the corresponding feelings and hormones. It’s actually very simple and you know this already.

Think of your favourite holiday memory and you’ll begin to feel the way you did at that time. Your body will respond to the thought, producing the appropriate set of endorphins and other hormones… if it’s a memory of a beautiful, sunny beach. You’ll feel yourself begin to relax, your shoulders dropping and your breath deepening. If it’s a roller coaster ride you’ll feel that tingle of excitement and adventure as the adrenalin kicks in. If it’s a romantic memory… well, you get the idea!

The same is true for other thoughts of worry and fear. The corresponding biochemical states emerge almost instantaneously. States of fear constrict tissues in the body, restricting channels and blocking the flow of blood.  Whereas states of joy, love and contentment open up tissues, allowing nutrients and oxygenated blood to reach the extent of your body.

Can you see how, over time, your choices about where to focus your attention will always manifest in your body?! Either as chronic states of dis-ease or chronic states of health!

When you spend time getting Grounded, nourishing your Grounding connection, you will physically feel well, because you’re focusing on well-being.  And of course you realise and understand that the way you feel influences everything you do… The way you treat people, what you create and what you’re able to get done.

Not only is mind over matter real within your own body, but your state of mind also directly affects the world and those around you. The practice of Grounding makes this connection more apparent and provides you with literal fuel for your own unique creativity. Your greatest gift to the world is yourself.


3) Opening to Multi-Dimensional Realities.

Any observer of Nature eventually realises that Life is intelligent. Life itself has a conscious imperative to grow and evolve. Your consciousness is part of that. And connected to the All of it. From the ‘docking-bay’ of your Grounding circuit, you can take your consciousness anywhere to explore. The first, best place to explore is inside your own body. This is because the feedback is immediate and tangible. From the control of your grounding circuit, you can move your attention around your own body, into your organs, muscles, glands and tissues. As you move your attention, you will feel your sensations change. You may experience tingling or changes in temperature, or other textural feelings. This is an internal science experiment that only you can conduct. You can repeat procedures and get the same results.

Likewise you can move your attention around your physical body and begin to get a sense of your electro-magnetic self.

And of course all physical things have an electro-magnetic dimension, which means that with your consciousness you can explore the world around you.

It was this kind of conscious observation that scientists like Victor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla were able to unlock great knowledge. As you begin to traverse the universe with your consciousness as your vehicle, what mysteries will you explore?


Contact Khalil here, to talk about how you can apply these 3 powerful gifts in your life now.

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