Attention! Your most valuable hidden resource…

Attention creates value.

The world changes according to your attention… What you focus on grows. It’s common sense isn’t it?

Fake a smile long enough and it becomes real. When you attend to an issue, you’ll find a solution. Focus on what you feel grateful for and you’ll feel content.
Likewise, if you consume too much mass media with it’s narratives of fear and chaos you’ll likely being to feel powerless and that the world is desperate.


Attention is an intangible concept but its effects are real. Giving your attention to something implies spending time focusing your energy on something  to achieve a result. The dishes won’t get done without your attention. Your relationships are nourished by your attention. Your health is maintained by your regular attention.


There are many things you can do with your attention. It’s universally applicable. Let’s have a look at the way we use the language of attention to give more clues about its nature.

Pay attention, catch attention, give attention, lose attention, keep attention… bring, draw, turn, grab, direct, hold, fix, call and centre your attention. Come to,  spring to, snap to and stand to attention.

Isn’t attention so adaptable?!Unknown

  • It’s something of value because you can give it, pay it, lose it and keep it.
  • It’s something malleable because you can bring it, grab it and hold it.
  • It has movement, because you can turn, draw and direct it.
  • It can be focused and still, because you can stand to it, fix it, snap to it and centre it.

It’s valuable and malleable. It can move and it can be still.

It has no substance but it can be felt. It’s made of nothing but it makes things happen.


You’ve got this amazing resource! You can switch it on at will. You can use this resource to strengthen relationships, make things happen and alter your reality!!


Attention is limited only by your time and energy. You wield it with your willpower. It’s the foundation of everything you do. It’s your most valuable resource.

  • In Communication, giving your attention has transformative power to grow meaningful and influential relationships. Whether it’s with your partner, children, friends, colleagues or clients, it’s your coherent attention that fuels these important relationships, energises them and keeps them alive.
  • Economically speaking, it’s the quality and type of attention you’re able to provide that creates the value of your labour. It’s your attention that creates the added value when you’re converting resources and adding utility. It’s the confidence that inspires economies into function.
  • And it holds the answer to all the Big Questions you’ve got about place in the universe. Why are you here? What’s your purpose? How can you create meaning with your life?
    If you’ve ever wondered about what you’re wired for… You can find the answer in what holds your attention.


Find out more about these 3 ways to use your attention to create meaningful change and to accelerate your growth in the direction of your choice.

Attention - Communication                 Attention - economics                 Attention - Questions     Communication                                     Money                                      The Big Questions



Do you want to know more about how to use your attention to nourish relationships, create prosperity and answer your BIG questions?? Get in touch with Khalil here, for an informal chat about how to tap your most valuable hidden resource.

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