Strategic and Empathic Solutions

– Insights you can act on –


“Precise and simple guidance…”

“Thank you so much for your professional help. I have to say after years trying conventional and unconventional help, Khalil put me in the right direction to take control over my life, with very precise and simple guidance. He also managed to understand my problems like they were his own. He truly has empathy with his client.
I have managed to rise up from darkness, darkness I have never experienced like this before. Thanks to Khalil. THANKS And BLESSINGS.” A.T. Entrepreneur. UK.


“Turn your goals into actions…”

“Coaching plays a significant role in enabling you to search your thoughts and actions to identify those pieces of gold which you can intentionally weave into your day over and over again, thus giving you the power to create and recreate success in your life daily.

Khalil’s coaching style brings power to your conversation by encouraging you to think beyond your last statement, to dig deep into the root causes, to find encouragement in growth and understanding.

Khalil has the ability to find the individual, to focus on what’s important to you and to help you link your thoughts to your goals and turn them into actions. Khalil has been coaching me within a business capacity, but I would encourage anyone – business or individual, to utilise him as a coach.” M.M. Civil Servant, New Zealand.


“Convinced of the value…”

“My coaching relationship with Khalil began at a transition in my life between college and career.  He began our relationship in a targeted manner, careful to respect my strategic thinking and  need for data and information. Because of my work with Khalil, I am more successful and I have learned to embrace my confidence and vulnerability. I am fully convinced of the value coaches like Khalil offer their clients. Khalil will always hold a very special place for me as an inspiration for success in life and business.” T. A. Coach, USA.


“Helped me find my mojo…”

“Khalil’s inquisitive and attentive nature helped me find some insights that have helped me leapfrog how I see myself. I have more confidence, some dating tips, and achieved some goals that would likely have taken me many years in a few months. Now I know what to ask, how to listen and ask key follow-up questions. We had some laughs and more than a few “A-ha” moments that will likely enrich both our lives. We had our magic and you helped me find my Mojo.” J.B.K. Tech Wizard, USA.


“An enlightening experience…”

“Working with Khalil has been such a blessing to me.  He has helped me see myself in a completely different way, in a way that I now embrace myself for who I am.  He has shown me how to accept the things about me that I used to see as “weaknesses”, that I thought I needed to improve on and instead taught me how to do things a little differently to leverage myself to live with less stress.  Khalil also helped me explore things on a deeper level in ways I would have not considered and helped me see things in a different light.  Khalil is someone that makes you feel comfortable from the first moment, not judged, and sincere in all of his words and thoughts.  Anyone who has Khalil as a coach will come away with an enlightening experience.” I.G. Lifestyle Blogger, USA.


“Got me believing…”

“After only a few sessions with Khalil I found myself telling a friend, “I have a new coach that I absolutely love! He’s got me believing I’m a capable, competent human being!”. (this was a radical turn-around from how I’d been feeling for years). Khalil is like an angel who has come to help me rediscover who I am. He continues to try to get me to imagine a different world. As I have a hard time doing that, sometimes the work is hard. At those times Khalil is like a loving taskmaster. He is completely present during the sessions, and has infinite patience with my slow progress. I feel truly supported and cared for.” M.H. Researcher, USA.

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