The Reason Why You’re Sick… And How to Solve it!

The reason why you’re sick is the same reason why there’s such political and economic turmoil in the world today. It’s about a failed identity, a false sense of self which results in self-destruction via disease and conflict.

If you’re experiencing any kind of autoimmuneresponse, debilitating fatigue, over-activity of your nervous system or out-of-control cell growth, there’s a deep reason an underlying causality which you may not be aware of, and which needs your attention. I would like to suggest that addressing this will shift the balance, moving you towards health… but I’m not a medical health practitioner, so this is all only a philosophical discussion for your consideration.

What is an autoimmune response? Simply put, it’s when the body loses its ability to identify itself and so begins attacking itself.

Can you see the glaring answer here?? We know from the field of Epigenetics, (and plain old common sense), that the way you think and feel about yourself manifests in your body on a biochemical level. Your beliefs and perceptions about life and your place in it are the determiners of your physiological landscape. Emotions like anger, fear, grief and guilt are toxic because they produce acidic conditions internally. The effect of these self-limiting emotions and the beliefs that go along with them is to produce tension in the body, locking-in the hormones of stress, freezing them into your musculature.
Your blood stream fills with these stress hormones, like adrenalin and cortisol, constricting blood vessels, reducing function, maintaining and compounding your physical and psychological state of incapacity. Left unrecognised this will continue to spiral in a vicious cycle, effecting your work, your relationships and overall quality of life.

It’s all because, at some point you’ve compromised who you are for who you think you should be. When you take on the thoughts, beliefs and perspectives of other as your own, you sacrifice yourself, you pinch yourself off, you usurp your own sovereignty.

It happens in a million little ways, from the time we’re children, because of how we look up to others, we allow them to shape us. To a certain extent this is crucial in the formation of the personality, to be guided by those you love. And empaths are particularly susceptible. But healthy, self-acutalised adulthood means a process of recapitulation, undoing the scaffolding put up by others, replacing it with your own majesty… your own greatness, dignity, honour and excellence.


Can you see how this has happened on a wider scale, across society? This loss of identity manifests most clearly  in politics. We’ve lost our identity as a human culture. Collectively we spin drunkenly around the political spectrum, left clashing with right, clashing with the centre… Our body fighting itself. A kind of mass schizophrenic, bi-polar madness. We’ve traded what’s important to us for what divides us; made our disagreements more important than what we can agree upon. And it’s made us weak and easily exploited. If you want to know what a true Body Polis looks like take a look at the recent collective action in South Korea…

The solution to the political, collective problem is the same as what it takes for each of us to be strong, healthy and vibrant as individuals. In fact, when you make yourself strong, healthy and vibrant, you BECOME the solution to our collective sorrows!

The solution is the same. Find your deepest place of agreement, of self-coherence. Your strongest principles are your most powerful medicine. What’s most important for you? What are the most important things in life from your perspective? What are the things upon which you have no doubt?

Sit in quiet contemplation of these things. Then when the urge rises, act! Small steps. Keep going. Stay awesome. You’re amazing.


Khalil is available to offer support and guidance on your journey to wellness, when you’re ready to make the first step.

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