The 3 major frustrations of Strategic Relators and how to overcome them.

There’s a particular kind of conversation that Strategic Relators are energised by.

They’re deep and far-reaching… Imaginative and intelligent… Conversations that reflect who you are and the things that are important to you.

Perhaps that’s like you, or someone you’re connected with, at home or at work… Someone who’s Strengths lie predominantly in the Strategic Thinking and Relationship Building domains.

It’s hard to grab your attention with day to day conversations and maybe you secretly spend a lot of time wondering if the people you encounter have anything interesting to say, or if they’re going to carry on about whatever it is that happens to be on their mind.

It’s easy for these people to feel distant from others, and to come across that way too. But with a little time and genuine interest these people can become the strongest of allies.

If you’re a Strategic Relator then you’ve probably found yourself frustrated when trying to find partners and grow your network. You might have been involved in a number of projects with others, that didn’t go anywhere. And it’s more than likely that you’ve felt let down by people on more than a few occasions.

Here are 3 of the major irritations you’ll probably find familiar as a Strategic Relator:
  • You find it difficult to make meaningful, fruitful connections with others.

  • You wonder why other people are so captivated by what to you is trivial and mundane.

  •  You often have to repeat yourself or explain what you mean in detail before people understand you.

The frustrations you feel could easily turn into judgements about others. Not only is this totally inaccurate but it means that you’re missing out on leveraging your Strengths. If you experience these kinds of irritations, you can use it as a reason to remain disgruntled, feeling like an outsider, or you can take it as a sign that you are connected with your Strengths and that you’re only one step away from a whole new level of understanding yourself and others.

The major lesson of Strengths is to realise what’s important to you, the way you do things and the way you see the world is special to you.
When you recognise others doing things differently, you’re seeing them play from their Strengths. Usually the most visible players in any field are the Executors and the Influencers. They’re the ones that write the manuals on how to get things done, how to grow your tribe and how to share your message.

But for a Strategic Relator, following those methods and recommendations, is only going to highlight how that’s not your way of doing things.

For you, sharing your message is not really the point, because you want to share meaning and spread understanding of how things can be done more efficiently. Influencers and Executors are like a planet… a whole ecosystem of  activities and interconnections. But for you, going out and creating conversations, linking up with people, getting your message out there… this is the opposite of how you work.


Strategic Relators are more like the Sun, who radiates its essence by virtue of its own being. You don’t need to reach out to make an impact, you only need to shine!

All you need is to focus on yourself, on your core, where you attention ignites. Make yourself strong, nourishing yourself on every level, and you’ll develop a kind of gravity whereby those who resonate with you will be drawn to you. The meaningful connections you want to make will happen effortlessly. You won’t need to explain yourself, because your golden worth will be self-evident. People will come to recognise you as a source of wisdom, insight and enlightenment.

For the Strategic Relator, it’s all about the long-game, played by your own rules, at your own tempo.

Focus on yourself and shine!


To discover how you can release yourself from being stuck playing by other people’s rules, contact Khalil now for your own insightful conversation.



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