A New Metaphor for Understanding your Strengths

It was during a conversation with one of my Strengths friends, (thanks David Malmstrom!), that I had an insight…

You know how your Strengths come together to produce larger effects? Your top themes multiply and compound each other creating unique capacities and capabilities. For example, my themes of Strategic, Intellection, Connectedness and others bring individual strands of information and weave them together forming a big picture narrative.

picture-is-worth-a-thousand-wordsThe way my mind works, this big picture becomes shrouded in imagery resulting in a multidimensional metaphor. This higher order information packet reflects the traditional adage, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

You can harness this power of metaphor to enhance your understanding of your Strengths and how to apply them towards your fulfilment. When you translate the story of a situation into a metaphor you can embed multiple layers of information in that single image.

This gives you the ability to extract greater insights and to expand your perspective.

New perspectives mean new realities.

So I’d like to offer you a metaphor you can use to contemplate your Strengths Themes. Through the lens of this metaphor you will see yourself and others in a new light. You’ll increase your understanding and be able to use your insight and wisdom to strengthen relationships and create results.

Strengths is a quintessentially human model reflecting the deeper nature of who we are. The image of ourselves as human contains the intelligence of Life within it. And so the metaphor of the human body allows you to connect with this universal design.

Let’s look at the 4 Domains: Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing and Executing.

Each domain has its own overarching character.

  • Strategic Thinking deals with the capacity of the intellect to create and connect ideas.
  • Relationship Building uses deep-seated emotions to share meaning.
  • Influencing calls upon your power of communication to motivate and inspire.
  • Executing enables action and moves ideas into the practical and tangible realm.

Can you see the metaphor emerging? Are you able to sense the character of each domain. I’m sure you can tell where this is going now!

My 14 year old daughter loves her high school drama TV shows, (90210, Awkward, Glee to name just a few). And if you can remember your school life you’ll know how instinctively tribal the school environment can be… The sporty types, the brainiacs, the popular ones and the quieter, deep feeling kids. As we grow and mature we can realise a balanced life means finding fulfilment in all these areas.
Don’t you want your work to be intellectually and creatively stimulating?
Isn’t it marvellous when our social life is fun and dynamic?!
How encouraging it is to be productive, organised and responsible members of our community! And of course the many expressions of love; familial, fraternal, romantic and agape, make our lives rich.

Having a strong, balanced and fulfilled life means you’re able to embody and enact your values; it means walking your talk; nurturing your relationships and thinking for yourself.

No matter what order your talent themes are in, you are capable of all these things. And the way you do it is your own. You get to live and choose as only you can. No one else does BEING YOU better than yourself!


And so here is the metaphor in clear terms…

Each domain has a locus of power within the body:

Strategic Thinking is centred in the Head, Brain and Nervous System, and the electricity of thought and being.

Relationship Building is centred in the Heart and Senses, and the intimacy of the soul.

Influencing is centred in the power of the Voice and the way you express yourself as a force of Nature.

Executing is centred in the Hands and Feet that carry you forward and get things done.

Where does your power lie? When you want to make something happen, how do you approach the situation? How do you find solutions?

For years I always tried to do things like an Influencing Executor… setting goals and reaching out to people… and I always came up frustrated. My Strengths are centred around my head and my heart. I operate as a Strategic Relator. Since acting upon these insights I’ve been able to get things done more effortlessly and have grown my network organically.

How can you take these insights and make them yours? How will you use your Head, Heart, Voice and Hands to express your imagination into the world?

You are the product of billions of years of physical evolution and an eternity of Life’s Love for its own becoming. You are the miracle liquid of water and stardust combined into a mirror of beauty and wisdom. When you accept the Strength of your true nature you become unstoppable.

How will you answer the call of your Strengths today?


Are you wondering how you can apply your Strengths and fulfil the call of your unstoppable nature? Khalil is here to support you in creating new perspectives and new realities.

2 thoughts on “A New Metaphor for Understanding your Strengths

  1. Grace LaConte says:

    Excellent perspective! This is a totally new way of thinking of strengths. I like the idea of using our individual abilities to channel our (and others’) thoughts, emotions, voice, and action to the world. Keep up the good work!

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