The 5 Zones of Nourishment

Burnout, fatigue, adrenal crises … My suggestion is, these are symptoms of a spiritual emergency… an autoimmune response to not recognising yourself at the deepest level and that the way to remedy this situation is through nourishment, and that this situation arose because of lack of nourishment in 5 different levels, the 5 Zones of Nourishment.

Physically, in terms of your physical health… the quality of food, water and air you take into your body. The exercise you do and the activities you do for fun.

Relationships, in terms of how you’re nourished by your connections with  people. Your family and friends.

Your Work, what you put into it and what you get out of it. How much you enjoy your work and your work environment. How engaged you are about your work and how passionate you are about it. Your relationship with money and how organised you are financially. Your work life balance.

Your Heart, your romance, how you are nourished by love. How open you are to love.

And your relationship with life, your Spirituality, your sense of being. Being non-judgemental about yourself and others. Whether you’re grounded, connected, and purposeful in the present moment.

When you’re nourishing yourself in these areas, you will manifest health. You will restore your natural function. You will feel strong, powerful, able to do things, to create, connect and share who you are with the world.

Often the triggers for burnout occur in more than one of these zones. And the remedy involves making sure you get nourished in all these ways. But the journey to wellness and wholeness begins with one step.

The most powerful step you can take is to identify the action that causes the greatest affect, impact and support to all the zones. Then make a habit out of this key action.


The purpose of Burnout Recovery coaching with Khalil, is to help you identify your own ‘key actions’ and give you the support you need to make a habit out of strengthening yourself in all the Zones of Nourishment. I’d like to offer, at no-cost to you, a 60-minute conversation in which you’ll discover the Key Action of Nourishment that you can begin now. If you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery, contact Khalil now.

P.S. It usually starts with a few basic steps: making sure you’re regular hydrating with quality filtered water; remove toxins from the diet… no sugar, coffee, nicotine, alcohol or processed foods; Spend time in Nature; take a few moments each day to find a sense of stillness within yourself.

P.P.S. DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor and nothing contained here may be construed as medical advice.

2 thoughts on “The 5 Zones of Nourishment

  1. Marcie Ball says:

    Khalil is so very generous with his wisdom and insights. You get the sense that, he is genuinely motivated in helping individuals reaching their maximum potential. Anyone receiving coaching from Khalil has indeed hit the jackpot.

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