5 Ways to Declutter: 2) A Singular Purpose

Give each space a purpose

Organisation is an art and a discipline. Discipline is achieved through singular focus. Each space must have it’s own function. When you know the purpose behind each space you can adapt it accordingly.
For example, if your sofa is for relaxing to watch a movie or read a book, then set it up for that purpose: have a place for your drink and snack; somewhere for the remote control; lighting controls in easy access; a space for your phone; somewhere to put your feet up; blankets and cushions close by.

Likewise, in the room or corner where you keep your desk, make sure you have your stationary and files to hand; your chair should be comfy but also keep you upright and alert; decorative pieces should be chosen to influence your disciplined state of mind; if you don’t like distractions, sit with the window behind you, (or the other way round if you thrive on the freedom of thought the window brings).

Think of a pilot’s cockpit, all their myriad controls are right there in reach, the most important close by and directly in front. Secondary controls are placed to the side or above.

IMG_4259Can you see how your space can reflect your creativity, as you ergonomically design your surroundings to suit you best?

Even if you only have on room, you can have a library, lounge, dining area and office, each in a corner; each discretely purposed and aesthetically pleasing as a whole.

If you’ve got more space, you can expand the application, but the principle is the same:

Make sure that each space has one purpose, and one purpose only.

That way when you’re in that space you can carry out your activity with focus.


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