5 Ways to Declutter: 4) One Space at a Time

One space at a time.

Making the first step is your biggest challenge. Once you generate momentum the process will turn into a habit, your life will have transformed, and you’ll feel more energised, more focused and more relaxed. So where do you start?

Start with one space and keep going until you are complete.

That one space can be a whole room or just one drawer. The choice is yours.IMG_4257

Begin by emptying that space entirely. Go through each item, one by one and assign each to one of 4 categories:

Keep, Store, Give, Refuse/Recycle.

Get 4 boxes and label them. Large items can be individually labelled and moved out last. Clean each item as you remove it from its current location, before you put it into its category. Then when the room is empty, clean it. Take a deep breath and take in the space.

(At this point any repairs or renovations to them room itself can be done).

Continue on to replace the most important items first.

Follow the first 3 principles of Safety First, Singular Purpose, and A Place for Everything.

Match the size of space you clear equal to the amount of time you can make available.
If it’s 1 minute, choose one object and decide which box it should go into. If you’ve got an hour, do one drawer or shelf. If you’ve got a day, do one whole area or room, and if you can make time over a month you can do your whole house.

Don’t be surprised to discover up to three quarters of your possessions are not necessary! It’s such a relief to shed this extra weight. And with more space comes more energy.


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