5 Ways to Declutter: 5) One Touch One Action

One Touch, One Action

There are different approaches to the ‘how’ of minimising. Being organised is a discipline and the method you follow should reflect that. As you follow the method, you learn the habits of successful organisation. The way you organise is as important as the result.

The method is simple to learn, but watch out, because it can be difficult to follow. Here it is:

Do one thing at a time.

Whatever you first lay your hands on, deal with it to completion… i.e. Clean it and assign it to a category. During the decluttering process, the idea is to minimise the amount of contact time with an object.  Some objects will demand more time and attention for either pragmatic or emotional reasons:

Large items; Items with an emotional connection or IMG_4256items which could come in handy in certain situations but aren’t immediately useful. These headscratcher items can interrupt your organisational flow; they’ll disturb your zen as you wrestle with the choice of what to do and the fact of having to make it.
Decluttering is training in decision-making.

Each item will pull you, to either remember memories, or to use it to do things you’ve been thinking about. By dealing with only one item at a time you develop the practice of taking actions to their completion.

As your organisational power grows you increase your ability to organise on other levels… Because you develop the art of detachment; of letting go. This has applications on the emotional level, to be able to let go of your attachment to certain feelings is a core life skill when it comes to dealing the challenges of life, love, work and people.

When you develop the habit of maintaining your space in this way, you also acquire the ability of managing your time and finances.
You find ways of creating results, making things happen, getting things done and sharing with people meaningfully.

You embody organisational principles and become the centre of activities that are important to you, and that influences others who are important to you.


Do you want to enhance your ability to organise and make things happen? Contact Khalil now for a no-cost conversation about learning the art of detachment and increase your organisational power.

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