5 Ways to Declutter: 1) Safety First

Safety First

Like all these principles, Safety First is common sense in action. (And you know how uncommon that can be today!) By following this principle you’re also unconsciously educating everyone you come in to contact with – but let’s keep this practical.Katia Giordanella - Bowl

What’s the reason for your space? It’s to provide you with a place where you can:

– Enact your purpose,
– Restore your energy and
– Share with others.

Your space is there to serve you. Like the
humble bowl… whose existence is defined by the space it creates.


The principle of Safety First means:

– Your movement around each room must be unencumbered. You must be able to move freely and fluidly around your space, without the danger of stubbing your toe or knocking anything over.

– Items should be placed in easy reach. Don’t put anything where you have to stretch for it or reach over or around other things. If you’re utilising high shelves or cupboards then you must provide a safe way to reach the rings stored there, like a step ladder or step box.

– No item should be placed so as to block other items. You should be able to directly reach each item without having to move other things.

– Space should be allowed for dusting and hoovering. To make your space easy to maintain, leave space in between furniture and the wall, between one item and another etc., so that you can easily keep it clean and tidy.

IMG_2018Remember, clutter begets more clutter. Like bacteria, clutter will thrive and multiply if left unattended. Organisational hygiene means staying safe but also encouraging health. The first step is to create an aesthetic that pleases your eye and an ease of operating in the space that energises you. Once you’ve achieved this step, next is to maintain this space.


Don’t try and fit your stuff into the room… Instead, fit your room around you.


Do you want to remove the clutter from your life and live more freely? Contact Khalil now for a no-cost conversation about how to declutter and minimise your space.

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