How to Find Your Power Now!

Where does your power lie?

In authority or security? In control or dominance? In manipulation or subservience?

Or do you find you power and joy in Life and Love? In your family and friends? In simplicity and purpose?

piranhas-123287_640The forces of chaos and disorganisation are entropically trying to bleed you of your
power…To give up your freedom in exchange for security… To sacrifice your creativity for the sake of mind-numbing, lowest common denominator entertainment… Or to ensnare you in emotive issues that distract you from your own truth. Fear and confusion are the weapons against which we must battle.

To be in your own power, means you can feel Life pulsing through you. You’re able to unleash your creative intelligence and every breath, word and step you take is a sacred act. It means that wherever you are, there is the presence of Love. You uplift and empower others just by BEING. 


To be in your power… means that no matter how loud the clamouring of your personal demons, you take a deep breath and centre yourself.
You return to simplicity… that childlike wonder… and you have no doubt about what brings you joy.


You’re able to nourish yourself on every level: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

You recognise the decisions which bring you energy and you know the difference between the actions that drain you and those that enable you to deepen your sense or fulfilment.

Your attention is the number one, most valued resource on the planet!

maze-2264_640And everyday demands are being made on you… “buy this, believe this, support this”. It’s like a labyrinth you must navigate.
It’s so easy to fall into a herd-like mentality and just follow what those around you are doing. It’s too easy to give up your independence and listen sheepishly to the voices that are the loudest.
It’s just easy to just go along with the suggestions being made that tell you to consume the products, to fear the terror, to blindly trust authority. But that’s the path to powerlessness.

When you listen to the rhetoric being spewed out by global agencies, you’re opening yourself to becoming their agents. Mass media is trance-inducing, trauma-inducing, zombie-inducing fodder for those who don’t want the responsibility of freewill. Is that you??

Wisdom, power and joy come from following your inner guidance. Isn’t that what you want?

It’s been proven time and time again, by Milgram’s obedience studies, Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment, Derren Brown’s ‘Push’, and every holocaust in our history… It’s proven that when you surrender your freewill to an external authority it’s always followed by dehumanisation, loss of power and tyranny.

chains-327863_640Are you an agent of inhumanity?
By robotically regurgitating what you hear on the news, by allowing your sacred consciousness to dissolve into the internet. By putting the fear for your own life above your love of all Life??!

Or are you making the choice to be an ambassador for all that’s humane? Here is where your power lies! In the simple acts of kindness you can find joy. In expressing your creativity you can find freedom. And in fighting for what you love you find power. Inside yourself. Make room in your life for what you love. Reject everything that doesn’t serve your purpose. Become an advocate for Life and find a whole universe of resources at your back.

This is where your power lies. Inside you. In the quiet space of your heart where the sacred geometry of your cardiac muscles cohere to produce that charged spark of electricity BOOM in every heartbeat. You are a generator of heart energy. Literally! Where does the electricity come from that powers your pulse and fires your nervous system?? It comes from your being awesome.


With as many brain cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, with the power to turn your thoughts into manifest creation, with the ability to comfort, inspire and bring joy with only the strength of your words… You truly are a wondrous creature!!!


Will you commit yourself today and everyday from hereafter to the power of love and life within you? Will you breathe deeply in gratitude for each breath? Will you dedicate your life to all you hold dear? You can let go of the fear now. You can let go of the confusion. You can laugh in the face of the devil and watch him quiver and shrink. Your joy is your most powerful weapon against the forces of chaos that seek to dehumanise you. And your joy needs no economy of exchange! You can find it now in anything and everything you’re thankful for.

Your power lies in your heart and mind, in your words and your touch, and in your laughter as you share your power freely with those around you.

So be it!


If you want support in finding your power and battling fear and confusion, contact Khalil now for a no-cost conversation about living your purpose with joy.

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