Your most valuable resource… Part 3 – Money

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On Attention and Economic Confidence…

Confidence in economics is made of attention.

Confidence is the term used to describe the essential value derived from the consent to economic authority, without which an economy could not function.

Confidence arises when capital is committed.

“The productivity of the economy is the basis for the value of all financial assets. This valuation cannot be sustained, however, without generalised confidence in the operating units of the economy; without confidence the result is financial panic.” Parsons, T. & Smelsler N., (2005), Economy and Society: A Study in the Integration of Economic and Social Theory.

Our collective attention is the sustaining power behind the economy. Without our legitimising consent, the economy would fail. Our sustained agreement to acknowledge the value of money in exchange manifests as economic confidence. Attention is the driving force of our financial system.

This is the long hidden secret that ‘they’ don’t want you to know… The real driving force behind an economy, and where it derives its value from, is your attention. The economy is fuelled by our collective attention. Literally.

Our agreement to use money as a token of value is what allows  money to be perceived as valuable.


But then why is our economic system in such turmoil??

The purchasing power our attention catalyses is being siphoned off by the money lenders. Mitch Feierstein of, is a hedge fund manager of 30 years. He deftly explains our situation in terms we all can understand. He describes the way our economy is run as insane criminality.

The economy is a construct that originates in our collective attention. Yet this is not reflected in our current system where we have to buy our money the money that belongs to us. We rent our money from the banks.

But there’s a paradox… What money do we use to to pay the rent on the money we want to use?!!

In our system there will never be enough money to pay for the cost of the money. But this cost is arbitrary. It’s not a fact of life or a force of nature, it’s just bank charges; it’s interest. It’s that little bit extra which turns what would be a healthy and abundant economy inside-out, into a beast based on debt.

Fear and Greed Curve

Our economy is based on fear, (limited supply), and greed, (demand). Our supply and demand economy is an economy of fear and greed. And it extracts value and creams it off. It takes all the resources it can access, including your labour, and milks it, squeezes it and rinses it out.

Quantitive easing is embezzlement. A centralised money supply is an abomination because it’s antihuman; our current global economic system is inhuman. It’s a con job. A confidence trick, to deceive people out of their wealth through various forms of deception.

It creates injustice, because of the imbalance the paradox creates. And this is why usury was always forbidden.

What can we do as individuals?!

Once you become aware of the economic reality, your perceptions of the world will start to change. And because we already know that it’s attention that creates value, then the change is already happening.
Your spending habits will begin to change. You’ll be less interested in using your money with institutions that are part of this economic hegemony. You’ll want to spend local and humane; with real humans instead of corporate fictions. The way you invest will change and you’ll develop a sense of the ecology of money… about it’s previous origins and uses.
You’ll make sure that your money is made and used wisely.

These small individual actions when done by many will add and multiply their effects, reaching a clamour which will shatter the current money illusion and its devices. This debt-based economic system will fall. Yet nothing need fail because all the infrastructure we need to run a humane economy is already present.

It will be as if humanity is sloughing off a tick.

Your attention is in your own hands. What you do with your money contributes to the total ecology of our finances. You have powerful choices about how you access your money and where you spend and invest it. What you do with your money does make a difference. And that’s a difference you can be making everyday.


It takes a little bit of thought and research… but when you realise it’s your attention that creates value, you’re much more attentive to the whole cycle of your money. You can follow these two simple guidelines to begin to regain the power of your money: Local and Humane.

  • Shop locally with independent providers.
  • Invest with organisations that are aligned with your own ethical code.

And that includes where you make your money. How aligned are you with the values of the organisation/s you work with?

We have tremendous possibilities available to us. As soon as we shuffle off the bondage we’ve accepted from the money suppliers. All that needs to happen is the simple realisation that your attention is the hidden resource powering our economy.

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The power is in your hands.

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