The Key to understanding your Mind-Body Connection…

If you’re into self-knowledge, there’s a significant understanding about the mind-body connection which you’ve probably already realised… Yet because it’s a kind of common-sense knowledge, it can be easy to overlook.

waterfall-800055_640It’s to do with the way thoughts and feelings cascade through your nervous system and manifest in your body as hormones.

And it means that if it’s in your mind it’s in your body. Whatever you’re thinking about has an associated feeling, and an associated pattern of biochemistry.

And yes, it’s common sense… Think of your favourite food and soon your mouth will water. Think of your romantic partner and those amorous feelings will arise in the body. When you’re angry, you release cytokines into your saliva from your Palatine Tonsil glands which make your spit like venom. You can be in almost any mood, but if you imagine yourself holding a kitten or a baby and your temperament will be overcome with the hormones of cuteness!


This field of study is called Psychoneuroimmunology or Psychoneuro-endocrinology, because it’s about the connection between:

  • the mind – ‘psyche’
  • the nervous system – ‘neuro’
  • and the hormone, endocrine/immune system.

The practical field of Applied Psychoneuroimmunolgy takes these insights and puts them to use in Nursing, Education and Well-being. And you also can take these insights now and put them to work for you.

Here’s how…

Give attention only to what you want.

When you initiate that cascade from intention to thoughts, into your nervous system and into your biochemistry… it doesn’t end there.

Your body is a vehicle for action. Set your intention. Focus your attention. Then let your body do it’s work. Your body will take your direction and create the internal resources necessary for you to act on your attention. All you need to do is be present to follow through.

Remember, if it’s in your thoughts it’s in your body, and therefore it’s also in your body language and you’re expressing your intent to others. Choose your thoughts wisely by focusing your attention on what you want.



Do you want to know more about your mind-body connection? Contact Khalil now for an informal conversation about how you can deepen your self-knowledge.

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