Why these 3 ignored subjects are the keys to success…

photo-1The purpose of training, from school to professional development is educate you to an expert standard. But this doesn’t reliably happen because every subject that is being taught at mainstream schools and in most professional development, is the wrong subject.

They say it takes 3 years of study to become an expert. Secondary school has 7 years to work its magic, but what are students left with? What are they experts in when they leave at 18? We should have become expert at being  students but if that was the case then everyone who went on to university would be getting first class degrees.

There are only 3 subjects that should be taught at school and in organisations.

They are not passive subjects which leave a learner unable to think critically because all they have is a collection of facts and unconnected glimpses of the bigger picture. There’s little leverage available from facts, and learners are not taught how to build the picture for themselves.

We need to be teaching the subjects which:

– Offer the most leverage,

– The knowledge of which is most transferrable, and which;

– Enable learners to construct and deconstruct their own perceptions according to their present needs.

These 3 subjects, which should be studied by everyone wanting to succeed, are the master keys which subordinate all other subjects.

When you are an expert in this trio of skills, you will be able to turn this mastery towards any area you choose and your development will accelerate beyond measure.

You will become an intellectual giant, expanding your knowledge across vast informational territories. Your social intelligence will sky-rocket, you’ll stand out in any group as inspiringly charismatic, charmingly convincing and preeminently engaging. You’ll be able to turn your hand to any task you choose and make it work on-time and within budget.

Now imagine that this was the standard for every student in every school and for every employee across every organisation.

   This IS possible if development is focused on the cardinal subjects of:

   Learning, Communication and Organisation.

  • When you are a consummate learner, you can assimilate new information and perspectives quickly, expanding your mental map exponentially. You will generate powerful, problem-solving abilities and your creativity will flourish. You will learn at an accelerated rate and have an outstanding memory and effortless recall.
  • As a superior communicator you will easily get people on your side, explain your vision with clarity, while being informative, engaging and humorous too. Presentations will be as easy as breathing, your written word will be precise and original, and your conversations will be like gemstones of unique expression.
  • Being an accomplished organiser, you will have freed yourself from mental, physical and emotional clutter and will have control over your environment.Your projects will run smoothly, and you’ll be on time and under budget. When you encounter challenges you’ll be prepared and able to adapt because you will have allowed yourself the space you need to be flexible and fluid while moving in your chosen direction.

If schools and organisations made developing expertise in these three fundamental areas their primary goal, performance, engagement and results would be of an entirely new level. If every student and every employee had mastered these subjects, your school, organisation and community would be transformed.


   How do you rate yourself in these 3 areas? When was the last time you consciously developed your capacity to learn, communicate and organise?

For an informal assessment of where you stand and a discussion of how you can accelerate your development, send an email and let me know which of these areas you’re strongest in.

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