A Grounding Exercise

IMG_2150The Grounding exercise is based on the fundamental connection between humans and the Sun and the Earth, which respectively nourish and provide the space for your experience. It’s been practised by people for millennia, in a multitude of forms.

You will notice its impact in two ways: firstly when you’re actually doing it, you will notice the subtle sensations of bioelectric/electromagnetic, currents moving through your body; secondly you will notice its impact on your life in general, with an improved state of mind, clarity of thought, lighter feelings, increased ability to deal with issues, improved posture and a greater connection with your own sense of purpose.

It’s recommended that you practice twice a day for 10-15 minutes until you are comfortable with the exercise. At that point include the advanced practice described below.

This is a physical, bioelectrical and electromagnetic exercise, and because of its internal and uplifting nature you may notice feelings of enhanced well-being and goodwill towards all Life. It’s also a sacred practice, which starts with your consciousness acknowledgement of your connection with the sacred… Whatever that means to you. It can be your idea of God, Goddess or Great Spirit. Or if you don’t feel that, sacred can be Life, as a whole. Or the power of Love. Even the idea of choice and freewill. Basically whatever you feel is the most important, universally connecting notion you have about life and your place in it.

The point of the exercise is to use your intention to create a circuit that grounds your electromagnetic energies. After all, everything that is manifest has an electromagnetic component, including your thoughts and feelings. This circuit will run between 3 immensely powerful sources of electromagnetism: Yourself, the Sun and the Earth.


The exercise is best done with a straight back and your feet on the ground, or lying down flat on your back. Breathe deeply, and allow yourself to feel relaxed for the duration:

  • Bring your attention inside your body, to your centre of gravity, roughly an inch or two below your navel. Allow your attention to settle there.
  • Become aware of your sense of the sacred, and with great appreciation, connect with the Source of Love and Life.
  • Turn your attention above your head, as high as you can imagine, to the sun. Allow it’s life-giving warmth to bathe down upon you and receive it like the opening of a beautiful flower.
  • Allow this sweet nectar to flow down from your crown, through your head and neck and into your body, lighting it up like a torch in a cavern.
  • Allow this life-affirming sensation to continue flowing through your body, all the way down, until it drops through your feet into the ground, all the way down to the centre of the Earth, reaching the Earth’s core like a gentle kiss.
  • From the centre of the Earth, allow the upward motion to begin, surging up through the ground, entering the soles of your feet. As it reaches your torso, feel those energies erupt like a geyser through your body and out of the top of your head, creating a fountain of well-being.
  • Allow this fountain to form a glowing orb around you, impervious and impenetrable.
  • Finally, let this fountain surge and rise again, all the way up, back to the Sun, completing the circuit. As you become aware of the simultaneous upward and downward flow of energy, click your fingers as an anchor, to lock the circuit in. You may say aloud or to yourself, “Circuit is locked in.”
  • Keep your attention on the circuit for a little while, allowing yourself to bask in appreciation of the feeling of being alive.
Advanced Practice
  • Complete the downward circuit in one out-breath. And the upward circuit in one in-breath. Do this 20 times per day. Once you’ve achieved this you’ll have permanent access to your own source of inspiration.


Thank you to Angelique and Sigmund at Kundalini-Teacher.com for introducing me to this grounding practice.

10 thoughts on “A Grounding Exercise

    • Khalil S. Patwa says:

      Your body is electric. Thoughts and feelings cascade through your nervous system as flows of electricity. Your cells regulate their integrity through the controlled movement of electrically charged molecules.

      Pollution from the environment, (poor quality foods, electromagnetic radiation, exposure to bacteria and viruses, pesticides and herbicides), can cause molecules in the body to lose electrons forming free-radicals. This electron deficiency can result in damage to cells.

      Grounding balances the electron deficiency by connecting with the Earth’s massive reservoir of free electrons. The simplest way is to walk barefoot on the Earth. This isn’t always possible and there are products available to get the same effect, but the ‘Grounding exercise’ can be done anywhere at anytime. You will immediately feel it’s effects.

      Does that make sense OP Life?

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