Where to find what you’re looking for….

You will always find the path to what you’re looking for on the inside…

electromagnetic-spectrum2Everything you perceive with your physical senses  – the light, the sound and the matter – is only a tiny proportion of what exists.

Even physical things, people, creatures, plants and objects, are made up of atoms and molecules which are really resonating fields of energy. We experience these things as physical, but we know from Einstein that matter is really just slow moving energy.

(Energy equals matter multiplied by the speed of light squared, E = mc^2, when rearranged gives: matter equals energy divided by the speed of light squared, m = E/c^2)

This means that everything we see, hear, smell, taste and touch is almost insignificant compared to all there is.

But that’s only true when talking about the physical senses. What is it that makes up You?

Perhaps you believe that your consciousness and personality is merely the sum of the physical, biological processes occurring in your body.
Or maybe you feel that ‘who you are’ is something greater than just physical.

Can you imagine what you might look like if your eyes could perceive the whole electromagnetic spectrum??!

The first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only change from one form to another.

What does this mean for the energy of your consciousness??

Whatever you call your sentient awareness… your soul, spirit, inner being… it’s clear that it’s beyond external, physical awareness. There’s lots more data available to your inner wisdom than you can access with your physical senses.

Trying to find solutions, walk your own path and create experiences is already challenging. If you’re only gathering data from the physical world, you’ll feel limited…

The most efficient way to analyse and sort through all the available information is to allow your unconscious mind to do the processing. And the simplest way to connect with this inner knowledge is to quiet your senses, still your mind and turn your attention within. In this way you tap the vast potential of your totality.

Whenever you have an ‘aha moment’ it’s the bubbling up of insights from the depths of your awareness.

Can you think of a time when that happened?

Usually these moments come when you’re not trying… when you’re not grasping for a solution. It can happen in the shower, while you’re day-dreaming, or when you’re focused on something else entirely.

But you don’t have to leave it to chance! You can find what you’re looking for by moving inside first. By taking your attention within yourself. By resonating with the totality of all there is. That still voice inside of you resides beyond your physical senses.

When you’re looking for an answer, go inside first.


Do you want to find out more about hearing your spirit? Would you like to be able to connect with the vast potential of your unconscious mind? Click here for a chat with Khalil about how you can strengthen your inner knowing.


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