Why your Consciousness is more powerful than your Politics…

We all know there’s a reciprocal relationship between consciousness and experience…

The question here is, how can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

Your consciousness, your awareness of yourself, of others and the environment around, is unique to you. It’s shaped by your experience and your choices. But it also defines your experience – as you are so shall you perceive. Your perspective is shaped by your experience and vice versa.

Let’s see what physics says about consciousness… There’s basically two schools of thought:

The materialistic, deterministic view that consciousness is a phenomena arising from biochemical reactions in the brain. This is generally considered to be the atheistic view.
Then there’s the view that consciousness causes the collapse of probabilities into reality, and that consciousness pre-exists matter. This interpretation is consistent with spiritual approaches to life.


Recent research by Hameroff and Penrose, (and their Orchestrated Objective Reduction theory), is compatible with both the material and spiritual view. Perhaps this is further proof that we do live in a subjective universe.

Work by Prof. William Tiller at Stanford University shows that attention is an organising principle. Literally, in a direct, physical sense, he’s shown that your intention alters matter.

And here’s the big insight… The more coherent your intent, the more powerful the influence.

To understand coherence, simply imagine a laser beam with it’s rays of light all lined up in the same direction. A 100 watt light bulb, will scatter its rays lighting up the room. But a 100 watt laser will cut straight through the room! You don’t need to bring any more energy to the table to make a massive impact. Simply focus your energy on one thing and you will make a tremendous difference.

How can you take these insights and turn them into meaningful action?

The first thing is to understand your focused individual actions will always be powerful.

The second is, our collective, coherent actions will be exponentially greater!

Many people are unaware of the massive potential we have both individually and collectively. Those that are able to tap into this inevitably become leaders, in thought and action; in family, community and industry.

If one were so inclined, this collective action could be farmed towards selfish ends. The true, epic products of our collective energy could be sequestered, hoarded and hidden from our perceptions.

Our combined potential could be used to make others rich with the fruits of our awareness, insight and action…
Don’t you see any parallels to reality?! display-dummy-915135_640Doesn’t this match the global oligarchy we are already living in?! Isn’t the theft of our organic evolution already taking place as we’re moulded into virtual automatons: education is a tool to create employees; crony capitalism makes us into modern day serfs; and centralised, big government turns us into legal citizens who owe our allegiance to the state.

This is a far cry from communities that bring up free, creative, self-actualised human beings.

But our ignorance to our potential is our own responsibility. The choice to educate yourself is in your hands. Your own sense of responsibility is the beginning and end of the impact you can make to yourself and others. As you enact your  into the world, you’re activating your political power.

And, whatever your political perspectives, in order to get where we want to be, we’ve got to deal with where we are.

And that’s proving difficult with such a fractured, incoherent body polis. Politics divides us – this makes it a tool of the conqueror.

Consciousness is the tool of the liberator.

Collectively we’re defined by our common ground… by what we agree on. At present our defining features are limited to our habits of consumption, our shackles of debt and our predilection for economic and military invasion.

From this perspective, the view that humanity behaves like a virus is hard to refute. This is a disempowering belief.

Yet as individuals, wouldn’t you agree that most of us are motivated by the desire to uplift others… To contribute from our strengths… To make an impact that’s both fulfilling and meaningful??

It’s in the sum of these kinds of actions that we’ll find our collective momentum. This is how we deterministically create the human super mind.

These collective results we’re looking for, of prosperity, harmony and creativity, start from each of us as individuals. We are the originators of our humanity’s direction. There are 7 billion people at the helm of spaceship Earth.


Some actions have more impact than others. Those ideas, products and movements which are most shareable are the ones which will spread the furthest.

An example of a highly shareable idea comes from the positive psychology movement… What happens when we focus on strengths instead of weaknesses…??

It’s the healthogenic approach… the idea that health is our primary state of being. This natural order of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being can get covered, obscured and repressed by toxins. These can come in the form of environmental pollutants, pathogens, disempowering beliefs, negative self-talk, unsupportive people and unfilled needs.

So the process of restoring health is simply to focus on your strengths and remove the sources of toxicity.

What does the decision to claim your power mean to you? What does it mean to those important to you?

What will happen if you change nothing?

Take a look at the world and see what ignites your emotion. Towards what kind of action are you called? The trumpets are ringing and it’s time for you to decide if you’re a player or a spectator. Do you want to join the game and add your powerful influence? Or will you remain a spectator, powerless to change the direction of your life?

Now is the time to turn your insight into action.

Now’s the time for you to be active and awake.

Now is the time for you to truly discover the treasure within yourself and harness your instinctive talents.

Because a brighter you makes a brighter world.


Do you want to discover more about how to accelerate your consciousness, become more active and awake, contact Khalil here for an chat about turning your meaningful insights into fulfilling action.

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