20 Benefits of Grounding…

Grounding is one of the most effective ways…

…to centre yourself, to give yourself a fresh breath of stillness, to re-energise yourself and to enhance your health and well-being.

Find the Grounding Exercise here.


Here are 20 reasons That make Grounding one of the most effective ways to restore your health and vitality:

1) It’s simple enough to grasp within minutes. 

2) It’s detailed enough to hold your attention.

3) You get instant, physically tangible feedback. So you know it’s working!

4) It provides a foundation of health. By connecting to the Earth’s massive reservoir of free electrons, you balance the effect of electron-deficient free radicals. This reduces inflammation, increases immune response, enhances wound healing, and contributes the prevention and healing of auto-immune disorders.

5) It’s an unparalleled source of inspiration. You know how great ideas spring forth when you’re in the shower? It’s because of the water and copper pipes that ground you into the Earth.

6) It can take 30 seconds or thirty minutes. It takes one breath in and out to get grounded. You can slow down the process and bask in it as long as you like.

7) It can be done in any position, eyes open or closed. A straight back is recommended to allow a free flow of energy. That said, it makes for good practice to do the exercise whenever it comes to mind.

8) It can be done with focused attention or while doing other things. You can take yourself into a quiet space, or practice while waiting for the train or sitting at your desk. (Of course, it’s not recommended while operating any heavy machinery).

9) It counteracts the effects of EMF pollution. Being close to computers and other electronic devices can cause voltages to occur in the body which are disruptive to the body’s electrical communications. Remember, both your nervous system and the beating of your heart run on electricity.

10) It counteracts geomagnetic sensitivity. For those of you who are sensitive to solar and geomagnetic storms, this practice will help you steer those tornadoes! (Click here for current solar data).

11) It does not require any beliefs. Grounding is essential a physical process, albeit a subtle one. Make an experiment out of your practice and see for yourself.

12) It’s non-denominational. While grounding is not a religious practice, you can incorporate the symbols of your beliefs.

13) The practice is self-reinforcing. The more you do it the more effective it gets.

14) You will instantly drop tension from the body, centre the mind and calm the emotions. You’ll feel  your muscles relax, even the ones that are normally outside of your conscious control. You thoughts will stop racing, and you’ll experience the big, “aaaah”, that happens when you’re emotions are balanced.

15) It can be done anywhere, at anytime of day. With just a little practice you’ll find it natural to do the practice with your eyes open or closed. You can do it at work, at home or anywhere in between.

16) It’s an effective remedy for sleeplessness. With this practice you’ll quickly learn to slow down your brain activity and turn restlessness into sweet slumber.

17) It connects you with nature no matter where you are. Another way to ground is to go barefoot on the grass or soil, or touch your skin to a tree. If your in a built up area with no natural spaces, you can still ground yourself instantly with this practice.

18) You can let go of addictive behaviours. Combine this exercise with drinking a glass of water every time you get an addictive urge… you’ll soon be free of the negative behaviour having replaced it with a health-inducing one.

19) It’s easy for children to learn. Help them find their centre and focus their playful creativity. This exercise will balance any over-active energies your kids are experiencing.

20) The practice can be personalised. You can decorate this visualisation with emblems and affirmations to make this practice your own.

Whether you’re struggling with health issues, if you have a brain that just won’t switch off or if you just want a greater sense of calm and balance in your life, this Grounding practice is here to serve you! Check it out now. Share it with your friends. Teach it to your children.

P.S. If you can think of any more benefits to grounding, please share in the comments below.


P.P.S. Ok, one more just for the grown-ups 😉

21) You can use this exercise with a partner to enhance any bliss practices you engage in together. (Yes, really… you can use it to extend, enhance and synchronise your orgasmic interactions!)


If you would like any support with developing and enhancing your Grounding practice, contact Khalil here for an informal chat.


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:



From n3kl.org

3 thoughts on “20 Benefits of Grounding…

    • Khalil S. Patwa says:

      Thanks for your input Lindsay!

      I’ve been going through the underworld recently… resurfacing now and found your comment.

      Yes I agree with you absolutely!

      When we’re overloaded on many levels our nervous system start to fry!

      Grounding is the most direct solution to calm the nervous system and bring balance to brain function, restoring rational thinking!

      Keep well

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