How to stay inspired… For Strategic Thinkers

IMG_1859My English language students have a quizzical look on their face, when I ask them, “Where is your brain?”, as if they’re expecting it to be a trick question.

I respond to their reply, “Really?? Only in your head??” Next question: “How many brains do you have?” Their quizzical expressions grow. “Only one?!”, is my response to their answer.

Of course they’re trick questions, but they have a purpose… to break the limiting concepts we have about Intelligence, so they can learn to see things from multiple perspectives – (It’s one of the attributes of genius).

We talk about the function of the intellect; problem solving, decision making, learning, communication, organisation and creativity. These are activities commonly associated with your brain, located in your head.

But here’s one of the limitations of language… We think of the brain as the centre of the intellect, and yes it’s centred in the head, but it stretches itself out to the furthest reaches of your body.

And yes, we use thinking to solve problems and make decisions, but the heart and stomach are biochemically involved just as much…  we make choices according to our feelings or gut instinct. The electrical activity that we associate with thinking is really a whole body activity. Your every thought impacts your whole body. Try this experiment to prove the point…

Think of your favourite food and see how long it takes for your mouth to water; think of your favourite naked person and see how long it takes for your body to respond; think of the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited and see how long it takes till you start relaxing.

Can you guess the lesson?

If it’s happening in your your mind then it’s happening in your body.

If your daily life involves solving problems and making decisions, #strategicthinking, then your body is going to be buzzing with electrical activity. If your professional contribution is about ideas, then it going to be important that those ideas keep flowing. You’ll know that thinking is a type of work, it’s the way you deliver value.

But it comes at a price… Thinking is a high burn activity. It takes energy to be inspired. And if you work in a high stress environment then you run the risk of joining the burnout epidemic. There’s a simple habit that addresses the multiplicity of these issues… Grounding.

You’re mostly made of water and your intellect runs on electricity so it makes sense that when you’re electrically grounded… ideas will flow. How many good ideas do you have in the shower? Guess where those highly conductive copper pipes go… Into the ground. The lightening bolt of inspiration strikes when it can go to ground.

How do I do it??!

Energy flows where attention goes

Here are a few simple ways to ground yourself and stay grounded.

    • Do this grounding exercise.
    • Put your bare feet on the grass.
    • Spend quiet time observing nature.
    • Lay down on your back for 10 mins and breathe gently.
    • Have a shower or bath.
    • Be nourished… Make a habit out of drinking water.
    • Be nourished… stay away from processed foods.
    • Be nourished… spend your time with people who uplift you.
    • Feel gratitude for the things in life that you appreciate.

The important thing about making these practices work for you… is practicing them.

You want to be inspired everyday?
Be grounded everyday.
You want to minimise the risk of burning out?
Be grounded everyday.
You want to maximise the impact of your intellect?
Be grounded everyday.
You want to get out of your head, move to action and make things happen?
Be grounded everyday.


Thanks to Grace LaConte of for encouraging this article.

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