Being grounded, is the biological and electrical state of the body when it’s in contact with the Earth.

It happens automatically when you place your barefeet on the grass or spend time surrounded by Nature.

Electrically speaking, the Earth is a massive reservoir of negative ions, or electrons.

And the body also has an electric quality. The nervous system carries electricity and the heart produces it at every beat.

A state of health in the body is characterised by an internal Ph balance on the alkaline side of neutral. This corresponds with an availability of negative ions with which to conduct the body’s chemical processes.
So-called electron deficiency results in the presence of acidity in the body, in the form of free radicals. This kind of imbalance can be caused by a number of factors like poor diet, pollutants and toxins, screentime, EMF and radiation from phones and computers, and the impact of stress and trauma on the body.

Taking a biological perspective, the urban environments we place ourselves in are far from ideal, and the Natural solution, of contact with Nature, is precluded.

The traditional remedy for this has been the constitutional holiday by the sea. Anyone who’s arrived at the coast, knows the invigorating effect of sea air. The action of the waves upon the beach creates a swell in the presence of these negatively charged ions in the air. (Think of it like the way rubbing a balloon against your hair will produce a static charge).

The problem is one of connection. How do you remain living in a town or city without succumbing to the harmful effects?

There are technological solutions available. There’s a sheet you can put on your bed, that plugs into the wall. Only one pin is wired… the earth, of course. So you get electrically connected and nourished while you sleep.

You could get the same effect from wrapping copper wire around your ankle and trailing it out a window to the ground!

It’s also the reason why ‘shower thoughts’ happen… through the water and pipes, you’re electrically grounded when taking a shower.

Mind over matter is real…

… Inside the body.

Have you ever considered your body’s ability to respond to your own thoughts in the same way it responds to reality??

As in, if you think of your favourite food clearly enough, your mouth will start watering just the same as if the food was in front of you.

The power of cuteness is also profound… just a picture of a kitten can melt the sternest of faces. That change of state is mirrored in the body, and it’s part of the reason why interacting with animals is a treatment for PTSD and anxiety disorders… that state of connection produces a shift in the body’s hormone output, away from the adrenalised fight/flight response and towards a more neutral oxytocin/endorphin state.

If you’re in any doubt over the power of the mind on the body, take a few moments to think of your favourite naked person…


Now that the bodymind connection is clear, consider your nervous system in conjunction with your hormone-producing autoimmune system… consider these as the interface between your awareness and your body. What you focus on produces an effect on the body. This means your thoughts and your emotions bring about changes in your internal biochemistry.
Watch a horror movie and your adrenaline will spike. Spend 20 seconds in a cuddle and melt into that oxytocin sensation of wellness and calm.

WIth this knowledge, that a healthy body is a grounded body, one may conclude that being grounded is healthy for both mind and heart as well.

There is some well documented scientific research on the effect of using those plug-in grounding sheets on health markers like blood-pressure, heart-rate and other internal measures. Guess what though… it was funded by the guys that make the products. Which is why it’s also well documented. And I’d probably recommend their use for anyone suffering from a severe chronic condition.

There is another method, a far more empowering one, which as far as I can tell has had no scientific research to demonstrate the physical effects, but which does have a rich tradition of use a tool for meditation.

Better to test it yourself.

It’s simple… we know the body has this ability to respond to thought, so the simplest way to create this state of connection called being grounded, is to call that connection to mind and place your awareness on it. Your body will respond. It’s a test you can do immediately, should you wish.

Here’s the formula I use:

Think of your body. Think of the Earth. Think of your connection.

Adding the dimension of feeling and emotion makes the picture come clear…

With your attention, cradle your heart, like you’re holding a baby or a baby animal.

Feel your body cradled by the Earth in this same way.

Breathe into the connections.


Spoiler alert… if you want to do this as an experiment yourself, practice the exercise before continuing, because when I describe some of the effects you’ll be able to recognise them for yourself.



With your attention on your body in this way, you’ll notice when changes occur within your body… things like, a deepening of your breath, loosening of the shoulders, release of tension from the diaphragm. Stay with the grounding exercise longer and you’ll notice tingles and ripples like when you listen to beautiful music. As you breathe you may notice your spine aligning itself. Longer still and you’ll feel a slowing down of your whole system as your body replenishes itself, and your mind becomes clearer. As you follow your breath from your heart to the Earth and into your body again, this place of connection can be a source of nourishment, reassurance and inspiration.

I use Grounding everyday, sometimes for a few breaths to reset and at other times to meditate or simply bask in the feeling.

If you could cuddle a cuddle while it cuddles you back… that’s what Grounding feels like to me… like a fractal hug.

Please leave a comment about the results of your experiments with Grounding… how does it feel for you??

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