Propur High-grade Water Filter


If you care about your body, then you care about what you put in your body!

There are so many pollutants in the environment, bombarding our systems every second. The body is constantly battling to neutralise and remove the toxins that come from our air, food and water.

Of course, the body is amazingly adaptable and when healthy, it can protect itself. When we treat ourselves as we ought to, your body will look after you in return.

Like staying hydrated…

In his book, The Body’s Many Cries for Water, Dr. Batmanghelidj describes the true function of the ‘thirst signal’. When we feel thirsty, it’s really the body telling you it’s gone past thirsty and is now dehydrated… it’s an emergency signal the body sends out when it needs water to fulfil its critical functions. The doctor explains how ‘normal thirst’ is the same feeling as hunger, or peckishness. His recommendation is to take a glass of water as a first response to feeling hungry, and he goes on to detail how many common ailments and illnesses are linked with chronic dehydration.

The message is, drink more water, (2-3 liters per day). That’s nothing new, but it’s the habit of drinking regularly that makes the difference. And he says that, “any water is better than no water!”
(He was held as a political prisoner for a number a years and succssfully treated other prisoners with water alone).

The lesson is, that drinking even the worst quality municipal tap water, filled with impurities and toxins, is better that going thirsty.

The reason why is because the immediate risk to the body from being dehydrated is a higher priority than the long-term exposure to toxins you get from drinking tap water alone.

Let’s not think for a second that tap water is clean…

If you have a look at the lab reports done to test the effectiveness of ProPur’s water filters, (who have the highest testing standards),  you’ll see a list of ingredients in tap water that are toxic to the body:

  • Volatile Organic Contaminants
  • Heavy Metal Contaminants
  • Pesticide Contaminants
  • Disinfectant and Inorganic Non-metallic Contaminants
  • Herbicide Contaminants
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Contaminants
  • Microbiological Contaminants
  • Radiological Contaminants
  • Parasitic Contaminants
  • Blue-Green Algae Contaminants
  • Micro-plastic Contaminants

Let’s translate that into plain language….

Volatile Organic Contaminants are compounds used in industrial processes, in the production of chemicals like dyes, solvents and dispersants.
Heavy Metals enter the water supply through industrial and domestic waste, as well as being a by-product of acid rain. Things like Aluminium, (linked with Alzheimers), Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.
Pesticides and Hebicides used in agriculture run off the land straight into the water supply. These chemicals are designed to kill things.
Disinfectants includes things like Chlorine and Fluorine based compounds used to treat the water and medicate the population. I’m sure fluoride is good for your teeth…. but do you have any idea what it does to the brain and the glands?! There’s a reason why it says not to swallow your toothpaste.
Pharmaceutical contaminants enter into the water supply when excreted in the urine of medicated humans and animals alike.
Bacteria, Parasites and Algae occur in any ecosystem. Within the closed network of municipal water, you can tell that it’s a very peculiar and unnatural environment. The kinds of life that thrive there are not the kind you want to imbibe, are they??
Radioactive elements are commonly found in normal drinking water. The USA federal limit for Uranium in the water is over 40 times higher than the limits the state of California imposes. Maybe Californians want lower rates of cancer than the rest of the country.
Micro-plastics… micro-plastic… in your body… teeny tiny pieces of plastic… once inside your body… how do you get them out??

If I had a laboratory here at home, I’d be testing my water to find out how clean it really is. I’m guessing you too, probably don’t have access to high-spec chemical testing facilities.

Fortunately, we don’t need to know exactly what’s in the water, to be able to filter it out.

At least, to filter out 99.9+% on average, of these crazy toxic compounds.

I’ve looked all over for the best filter system for getting clean water. Mother Nature knows best, of course, but even otherwise clean water from a natural source, can still contain many of these environmental contaminants.

The solution I use is the ProPur Pitcher. Out of the two companies I found that have the highest standards for filtration, ProPur has the best options for international shipping, and so it’s the one I’ve chosen. Out of the top brand filters available in the UK, none of them remove fluoride, and none of them are able to filter to the extent that ProPur can.I’ve been using my jug for a couple of years now. Yes, you really can taste the difference. Healthy water is supposed to be invigorating… to the extent you can feel it energising when you drink. I’m not gonna say that it transforms tap water into something from a magical spring… When I taste it, it really does remind me of how amazing water can taste.

And of course, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes from not being slowly poisoned.

The best gifts we have are the ones we take for granted. If you really do care about your health and the health of your family, then you mustn’t be complicit in their toxification!

You can change that. You can prevent exposing yourself and your loved ones to these harmful chemicals, and it’s such a simple step.

Ok, it took me a little while to get used to filling the jug two or three times a day. But then, I’m not the world’s most organised person. Now, I’m in the habit of re-filling it everytime I use it, and so there’s always fresh clean water for me and my daughter, (and our plants!)

There’s been a few crucial things that have supported me in my health struggles… And water is one of the core, foundational elements of health! So much else can happen… the body is able to function properly when we’re giving ourselves clean water.

Because remember, it’s not that any particular glass of water that comes out of your tap is loaded with toxins… these compounds are present in very small amounts. However, over time the body has to adapt itself to the continuous presence of these toxins, and that’s what has the harmful effect.

The gift of water, is the gift of health. Get yours now.

And it’s got a funky little fruit container so you can do infusions too!)