Bowen Technique

How many of you are walking around everyday, carrying pain
and tension from old injuries or traumas?

And how many of you want an easy way to feel better?

Find out how Bowen Technique can help you!

What people say…

Bowen with Khalil is the perfect reset. I leave breathing deeper and slower and my body realigned, softer and more settled. Khalil gives a thorough treatment, whilst also working at a gentle methodical pace. There’s time to settle in with a warm and open conversation, he explains and gives guidance where needed and checks in regularly throughout. Khalil is knowledgable and incredibly supportive, whilst reminding us of the responsibility we have for ourselves and often providing ‘take away’ practices for continued self-care. Khalil has been a core part of my well-being practice over the past few years and I truly value his work. G. F. Lo – Business Owner

“Khalil’s treatment was both therapeutic and energising. He has a well rounded and truly wholesome approach to his work which not only left me with less pain, but with a more intimate understanding of my own body. I felt lighter and more grounded after his treatment.” A. Hull – Poet

“I have incurred multiple injuries in my life and received a wide range of treatments over the years and I would say that Bowen has been the most effective at unlocking the old traumas. It feels like electrical signals passing through the muscles. I now have weekly sessions with Khalil and it has helped me improve my mobility and quality of life!” W. Nash – Business Owner

Hi, my name’s Khalil and thanks for taking the time to find this page.

I’ve been practicing Bowen Technique for about 5 years now, and looking after has always been a part of my life, my Mum and elder sisters all having been practitioners of one kind or another. Whenever any of us had an ache or pain, there was always a technique, treatment or remedy to help us feel better.

Being a little bit older now, I see more and more of my friends walking around in pain, carrying tension from old injuries, accidents or traumas.

And I recognise the way they walk and move around, and the quick grimaces that flash across their face, as they bear the pain. If you’ve ever slept funny and woken up with a crick in your neck or shoulder, and spent the day with restricted movement then you know what that feels like! I recognise these things because of the chronic condition I’ve had, and I don’t know how I’d have managed without Bowen.

A lot of the things that people are experiencing everyday, like sciatic pains, back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, numbness in the hands or feet, inflammation and soreness around the joints… these things are simple to fix.

Imagine the frame of the body… all the muscles, tendons and ligaments, holding the body in shape… imagine the frame of your body is like scaffolding… too much tension in one area offsets the whole structure.

Bowen releases this tension, so that the body can reset its frame and realign. Most of the tension we feel goes unacknowledged, and something can only be let go of, when it’s conscious. In this way, the treatment is like a conversation with the body, reminding, “It’s safe to let go now”.

People who’ve had a Bowen treatment often say, they feel lighter and calmer and that they no longer feel that buzzing in the mind from being on the go. Their posture naturally corrects, and this in turn allows them to breathe more freely. And they often leave looking brighter, with the tension gone from their face.

And that’s the reason why I’m offering appointments now… because so many people are walking around feeling heavy and exhausted, with low energy and high tension and Bowen Technique is a really simple way to help fix that.

So if you are carrying old injuries or are feeling weighed down by tension, and because you’ve taekn the time to read this far, I’d like to make you a special offer, so you can experience the results of a Bowen treatment for yourself. If you’re not feeling better by the end of the treatment, if you notice no reduction in tension or pain, then there’ll be no charge. That’s my guarantee to you, that if by the end of your treatment you don’t feel any difference, you won’t pay anything! Sound good?!

Drop me a line below to arrange your appointment.


P.S. Remember to ask about how you can get a special offer for your next appointment!!!

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P.P.P.S. For details of Khalil’s self-care class… ‘Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body’.