The Law of the Mountain

Imagine you’re flying; gliding through a valley with mountains either side.


You find yourself navigating without effort because your flight path follows your attention. Whatever you focus on, your body will shift and adjust to steer you in that direction.

As you fly further, you get more confident and your movements acquire more precision.  You find yourself manoeuvring with grace and delightful ease.


If you’ve ever found yourself totally 100% focused and absorbed, you’ll know that it feels like flying. Like when you have a performance, exam or date coming up. Ok, admittedly sometimes these things can feel like falling more than flying, but I’m talking about those times when you feel so enthusiastic that looking back, you can see that the time you spent did indeed fly by.

When something catches your attention in this way, you’ll instinctively move towards it. That’s what we call the Law of the Mountain:

“What you focus on, you move towards.”

If you want to keep flying past the mountain, focus on where you want to go. Get distracted by the mountain , and you might find yourself flying into it instead! Keep looking at where you want to go.

Clarity is one of the most powerful human forces. We’ve all got the same amount of hours in the day, roughly the same amount of intelligence, but it’s clarity that makes the difference in getting results. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ to clarity.

When you acquire clarity over your direction and your results, you’ll find yourself drawn in that direction. Other people will be drawn to you also because they want that clarity in their lives too!

Have you ever had that kind of experience when you learn a new word and then start to hear it everywhere? Or maybe when you got your first camera, it opened up your eyes and changed the way you see the world. When I first got into parkour, the world transformed from streets, traffic and buildings into precision jumps, wall runs and cat leaps.


There’s so much information coming at us from every direction all the time and our mind always has so much to think about. You have to filter out most of it and focus on only what’s most important.  But this can be a difficult task because with so much overload to deal with it’s hard to know where to start.

Here’s some good news… The way we filter the information and opportunities we see in life is programmable. That means that you can change and develop the way you perceive opportunities, in your own favour. It’s repeated actions that programme our filters, especially when we are enthusiastic about and energised by doing those things.

Spend more time focusing on what you want than anything else! Do this because the more you focus on what you want, the more of what you want you’ll find!!

To help you focus more on what you want, you must realise this: when you start writing down about what you want, at that moment, you become the author of your progression towards it and the authority on making it happen.

Get a pen and paper and start here:drawing-61103_640

– Write down todays date and draw in ten bullet points down the side of your page.

– Write down 10 things that you want to be happening in your life right now. Give yourself 30 seconds to do this.

– On the left hand side, give each of these statements a number from 1-10. (Ten being ‘this has absolutely gotta happen’ and one being ‘meh take it or leave it’). Underline all the 9s and 10s.

– On the right hand side, write another number, this time about how possible you believe this to be now. (Ten being ‘I have absolute and total confidence in my ability to make this happen’ and One being ‘No way in a thousand lifetimes could I ever do this’).

The statements that you have underlined are the ones that are most important to you now. Prioritise them and let the rest go for now. For each of the underlined statements, write down one action that you could take today, that will move you towards it’s attainment.

No matter how big or small that action, remember the important part is that you take action. So better make it a simple one, and all the better to get into the habit of acting on what you want. Here’s the thing… the bigger the number on the right, (the one about your belief in your ability), the smaller you got to make each step.

Take action everyday in this small way and you will make progress towards your goal and increase your belief in yourself as you go.


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