262677_2148715244433_2915133_nEver since I was little, I’ve always wondered why people say one thing but do another. This has led me on a life long journey to understand myself and this Life we all share.

I’ve always put my energy into learning and development, with the goal of liberation… to be free to live, to work and to share our creativity.

Previously, I’ve been a shop assistant, a waiter, a bartender, a learning supervisor, a mediation teacher, a circus skills instructor and an emotional intelligence facilitator.

I’m also a teacher. I always seem to get the best students! I want all the students. I’m planning for my own school.

I got my Business degree in 2011 and am trained in Strategic Marketing and Organisational Analysis, as well as being a certified Strengths Coach.
I have a keen interest in the martial arts, bodywork and healing and have had training in Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Aromatherapy and Bowen Technique.
My other interests are in curriculum design, accelerated learning, fractal systems, history and psychology, biology and natural health.
I play bass guitar in an experimental dance band and percussion in an Afro-Samba collective.

Being a father is the best.


Strategic · Learner · Relator · Maximiser · Intellection

Like a scintillating, luminescent wave of sound, rippling through your consciousness, moving you to action in harmony with those around you, as if dancing in celebration of existence…