The 3 Questions you need to Answer… to be THE Authority over your Life Story

what's your story
Most people don’t realise, you’ve got to make up your story first, before you can live it…

You need to be able to answer three questions in order to know how to author your own life and career journey.

We’ve been bombarded with ‘a version of the story’ since we were born…

“Get the job, get the lifestyle, the family, kids, house, car, holidays… retirement plan. Die. The End”

Great story huh?!!

That’s what we’re fed constantly, from school, teachers, parents, society… blah blah blah… In our minds it’s like a wonderful fantasy, full of beauty and adventure, just waiting to come true…. Our realities can be quite different.

We get provided with an average education; we can see an average range of opportunities ahead of us and it’s the best we can do for now and before you know it your life is devoted to the average job that will never be fulfilling, but you feel bound to it now because you must maintain your responsibilities.

So how can you get out of this averagely meaningful lifestyle and into a more fulfilling one??

Ask yourself these three questions about what you want from life:

What do you need to Learn?

What must you be able to Communicate?

How Organised do you need to be?

Your success in every endeavour is directly dependant on how valuable you are to other people.

How much do other people currently value your insight, perspective, creativity, skills and abilities? Your income is directly related to how much value you’re able to share with other people. As soon as you’re able to focus on doing what you do best, you will immediately increase how valuable you are to others.

Organised Value Shared = Income

– First, you gotta get great at what you do best.

– Then, make yourself available and sharable.

– Finally, take your whole game to the next level by increasing your organisational capacity and repeat these three steps at this new level.

If you ever get stuck or don’t know what to do… Remember,

You're Awesome

 you only ever have to focus on just three things:

Improve your ability to Learn;

Improve your ability to Communicate;

Improve your ability to Organise.


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