Are you caught in the lie of Perfectionism??

For all you perfectionists, ‘if you want a job done well, do it yourself‘ #maximisers out there…

The idea of perfection as a holy destination that you can reach… It’s just not true. And you know that already… it’s that, (uncommon), common sense.

But then why doesn’t it make a difference? Why is there still that incessant drive to do better, be better, get better results and make a bigger impact? You know that no one else is really going to notice or care, as long as it get’s the job done. You’ll keep going that extra mile but still be unsatisfied… that little voice saying, with more time, more resources… ‘you could have done it better’.

How frustrating is it to think that way? To look out on the world and see all the imperfections is maddening and drains your creative energy. But this is part of the utopian falsehood that we’ve collectively bought in to… The lie is: perfection is a static place and doing things  a certain way will get you there.

Truth has a special quality. It changes everything when you discover it, because it washes all the lies away. Here’s the truth about being perfect…

Tingle of Fulfilment

When you’re growing, You already are perfect.

In this material world, Growth is perfection.

You can maximise your growth by doing things as well as they need to be done, in order to make the next move. Find your fulfilment in the movement, rather than getting stuck at each step.

Imagine starting out on a journey trying to make each step a ‘perfect step’. Calculating the speed of moving one foot past the other, the length of the step to body ratio, the shifting of balance in smooth transition… How would that affect your journey?

Focusing on these details might drive you insane!

To perfect something means to do it completely… the artist finishes a painting but is it the completion of their creativity? A writer will finish a book, but does it mean their urge to communicate is over? Becoming trapped in the details will mean a piece of work will never reach it’s audience, and its message will never be expressed.

To escape the lunacy of perfection, work on your task until it becomes shareable.Then you can
move on to the next level.

Keep growing and feel the perfect tingle of fulfilment there. 

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