5 Reasons Why you should Minimise your Space Now

Isn’t it common sense… being cluttered will:

slow you down, block your inspiration and add to your stress levels??

And of course the danger of clutter is, you never think you’re cluttered… it’s like a slow-acting disease; by the time the symptoms show, your system is already compromised. And what you probably don’t realise is how many ways your organisational habits are always affecting the quality of your life, work and relationships.

The reason why these affects are so strong is because of the Principle of Resonance:

“What you put your attention on grows.”

And if it’s in your space, it’s in your attention.

With the mindful attitude of a caretaker, gardener or parent, you can tend to your space and cause your life, work and relationships to flourish.

This is because the state of your physical space reflects your state of mind!
You can impact one through acting on the other.
Clearing your space will bring clarity to your mind.

And likewise, apply the principles of organisation and a more ordered space will arise.

Clearing your space…


Of course that doesn’t mean your space should be ordered all the time. Life is not sterile… it’s ok to experience flux as activities begin and end. What makes the biggest impact is when you can return your space to a dynamically neutral state… where you can relax and also be engaged; where nothing is currently active but all your important activities are possible and prepared for.

Attaining and maintaining this level of organisation
in your work and home spaces
will impact your life in these 5 significant ways:

FEEL MORE ENERGISED: Liberate your energy and attention from insignificant things by allowing the space for what is significant.  This allows you to be energised by the things that are important to you and to spend your valuable time and attention on your purpose.

LET GO OF STRESS MORE EASILY:  If you’re surrounded by stuff, each object has a demand… either an intended use or a memory which calls you to engage with it. When you give an object its own place or remove it from your environment, you close that open loop and release yourself from the demand. This allows you to be uninterrupted in your relaxation.

ENJOY STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS: Stuff is a distraction. If you’re distracted while communicating with someone, they will feel that. When you’re space is clear your attention is free to flow and you can engage with another whole-heartedly. This is the very definition of the quality time your relationships need in order to bloom.

BRING MORE BEAUTY INTO YOUR LIFE: You can make your space aesthetically pleasing and functional. Spending more time in beautiful surroundings will raise your quality of life.

BE MORE INSPIRED AND PRODUCE HIGHER QUALITY WORK: Thoughts flow, like water, into the available space. If your mind is busy with clutter, your ideas won’t be able to flow.  When you keep your space free from clutter, you create a space that encourages inspiration. This also enhances your use of time, because now, instead of being distracted, you can focus on your high value activities.


The idea of being organised and maintaining a minimal space may be familiar to you, but the important question is:

Do you practice the habits of organisation?
Are you getting the many benefits of having space in your life??

Watch this space for the next article on

5 Ways to get Organised, Stay Organised and Find YOUR Focus.

Have you got any questions? Do you want to find out more about how you can increase your focus, be more inspired and get more done?? Contact Khalil here.


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