How to Transform Enemies into Allies – Part 2

The Depletion Game – Answers

Ok now. Ready for the flip? Click here for the Depletion_Game_Answers.

A1. This is a description of you and what you give/do.

A2. This is what you want from ‘the world’.

A3. This is what you give to them AND what they give to you.

As without, so within. As you re-read your own answers in this new context, gently ask yourself if some aspect of this is true. Consciously recognise how this relates to you and when are those times when you have acted in this way.

You may find that now you can feel some compassion towards the other, as you begin to graciously recognise yourself.

With thanks you can now release those feelings, knowing that your work of making them conscious, is done.

P.S. Synchronous confirmations come in threes 😉

P.P.S. In your reflections, once you’ve written the answers in at the bottom of the page, decide what you want to continue and what no longer serves you.

Copyright of The Depletion Game belongs to Leslie Brissett.


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