The Golden Attitude…

It’s all about attitude..

Speak to any employer, executive or entrepreneur about what qualities they look for in people they want to work with, and you’ll find a particular but also vague answer…

How many times have you heard, “I’m looking for someone with the right kind of attitude…“.

What is the right kind of attitude?? You know what they’re talking about, but what is it specifically?

In my work as a Career Coach, I’ve been trying to define that for some time now. I’ve always known the ‘feeling’ of the attitude, but to be able to express it simply and directly requires great mastery and understanding of the subject.

There is one particular attitude, that describes how to relate and interact people that stands above all the rest, which to me is Golden, because of the history of the idea.

In the West we’re familiar with the idea of, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. From Africa comes the notion of Ubuntu or Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, which literally means that, ‘You are who you are because of those around you’. In Sanskrit is another expression that equates ‘Self’ with ‘Other’: So Hum, or in English, ‘I am That’.


These are all philosophical expressions of recursive self-reference, but they are also older definitions that we’ve mainly lost contact with. Some of the new definitions are mathematical, biological and visual… fractals, growth patterns in species and individuals for example. But even these lack definition and the context we need to use this principle and bring balance to our lives.

There are other examples of use of this principle, scientists Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla used recursive principles; Nature uses recursion when building galaxies; and our economic use of interest is a ruthless example of the same.

There are further, partial examples to be found in the Humanities, particularly in Human Resources, which could easily become Humane Resources with deeper application of the principle.

The most exhilarating, profound and galvanising expressions of this idea, I found in one of the most unlikely places

If there was one idea that could overnight change the entire course of life it’s this one. This is potentially the most important idea that you could come across right now, because it will make you better at your job, you’ll be a better parent, lover and friend and you’ll be able to create for yourself a more fulfilling life and contribute more to everyone you come in contact with. This is by far, the one thing that’s most relevant to our times, and should be on the news everyday and taught in every school until we all get it down.

If you want a clear, detailed, masterful description of this precise, golden attitude and how to use it for your life now, read business mastermind, Jay Abraham’s book now.


P.S. If you want to find out more right now, follow Jay’s Facebook page and download a free, 4-page feature newsletter article on The Strategy of Preeminence, from his 14th of March post.


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