Insight Dialogues

Exploring the magic and beauty of a conversation.

Conversations are powerful… they help us to make decisions, to explore new ideas, to understand ourselves and others, to let go of old emotions, to inspire and ignite our passion. They can entertain us, endear us, and lead us into a deeper experience of ourselves. Conversations can cause the bubbling up of that which is unconscious into the conscious mind.

What is an Insight Dialogue?

Like minded people who share overlapping interests, exchanging ideas and sharing insights to create new perspectives and new ways of seeing the world.

Listen to a unique conversation that has never before been heard.

The traditional knowledge is about becoming an expert in a focused area. People refine their training in ever more specific niches of knowledge. There is little time for sharing knowledge and insights between disciplines, because attention is mostly spent developing  a kind of blinkered attention to detail.

There’s another kind of wisdom; another way to gather knowledge and understanding. It’s the wisdom of connectedness. In the sharing, this wisdom is multiplied.

Knowledge is like Love
New perspectives create new insights.

Through exploring ideas, discoveries can be made, insights can be shared and connections can be strengthened. Two people, who are experts in their field are invited to have a dialogue, to find common ground and together explore new areas. The only agenda is to provide a space in which this exploration can happen freely without judgement or competition.

Participants are paired according to their overlapping yet distinct fields of expertise. The common ground provides a frame of reference and a starting point for the conversation. And because they each have their own areas of expertise, they can offer new perspectives to the other.

The audience benefits from being able to listen to a totally new, unique conversation, one that has never been had before, because of the pairing of discrete but connected areas of knowledge. You’ll get to hear from experts talk about the same subject, but from different perspectives. And with these new insights your knowledge and understanding in that area will expand.

The dialogue is not a debate or argument. Participants are asked to be non-judgemental; supportive, collaborative and inquisitive; and confidently vulnerable in their own experience of the subject matter and the impact it has on their lives.


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