The Strategic Mind – Explained for a 5 year old…

Allow me to introduce you to your Strategic Mind.

5-year old: “What’s that?”

It’s like a superability you have to make big things happen.

5-year old: “Ok. Go on.”

It allows you to process information about your environment, resources, obstacles, allies and competitors, and through this data you find a way towards your objective.

5-year old: [is picking their nose now]

Let me put it this way… Imagine you’re Peter Pan…

5-year old: [starts listening again]

…And your tied up to the mast of Captain Hook’s ship, surrounded by pirates after you battled them by yourself to save Wendy. The floor is strewn with objects from the fight and Captain Hook is in his room where he’s got Wendy, and he’s trying to decide what to do with you. How do you get out of the rope, save Wendy and escape the ship?

Your Strategic Mind is what you’re using to plan your path to freedom.

5-year old: “Ok. Thanks!” [Runs off jumping into a puddle and shouts, “You’ll never keep me prisoner Hook!”]


This Narrative Strategy approach is about using your innate ability to create stories… You harness the powerful potential of your Strategic Mind.

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