How do you know if you’re really Motivated?

A lot of people talk about Motivation.

People who feel they have it, can speak inspiringly. Those who feel they lack motivation know that there’s something missing but can’t quite put their finger on it.

But not even the psychologists can explain it very well. Let me know if you find anything useful on this page.

If you feel motivated, it’s because you believe something that is true about yourself – that you can; that you are capable; you can do what you set you mind on; you have the abilities you need and you have the capacity to learn anything else you may require.

If you feel a lack of motivation, it’s because you’ve believed something that is not true about you – that you cannot, that you are incapable; you cannot do what you want; you’re not good enough to have what you want.

Where, why and how we came to believe such things are of less importance than ‘what are you gonna do about it’.

gold fish

The point is that motivation is a lie. The very idea that there is such a thing is false. Motivation is a result. Of Action. Every time you hear the word motivation again, replace it with Momentum.

Do you feel that you lack momentum in your life?

Already the remedy becomes clear!

The only possible way that we can feel a lack of momentum is if we’re not getting enough action in our lives.

All you have to do is ask yourself the question: “In what area of life do I want more action?

Now go do that.

Generate momentum in your life.

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