How to make sure that your “Learning Accelerates!”

One of my awesome students asked me today, “What’s your subject?”

We were discussing about how learning happens best when interest is high.

The thing that gets you the most excited… that’s your subject!

Well I reckoned my answer wasn’t going to be satisfactory, but I told her, “My subject is everything.”

Because no matter where you start, all knowledge is connected. Let’s start somewhere nice and safe – with the sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. (Finally, we are in the generation that will see all the sciences merge into a unified subject.)

As you expand your knowledge, you begin to see inter connections and relations between fields of expertise. Knowledge loops get created when you expand your mental maps. E.g.

Biology directly connects with Psychology which directly links with Politics then    Economics – Philosophy – Art – Physics – Chemistry and back to Biology.


Maths – Logic – Linguistics – Communication – Commerce – Statistics – Maths


History – Culture – Anthropology – Geography – Chemistry – Materials Science – Physics – Art – History

What field of knowledge becomes encompassed by your areas of interest? Can you create your own knowledge loops?

For an abstract visualisation of how data fields can expand and merge, play Auralux.

Funny how the two, traditionally opposing disciplines of art and science can inspire and reflect each other.


“The more you know, the easier it is to know more”, says physicist Tom Campbell;

“Learning Accelerates”.

In our world today, there are three core skills that will facilitate your ability to do everything else: Learning, Communication and Organisation.

Calibrate your Learning to Accelerate.


P.S. Want to know where to start?  This short book by Paul Scheele, will change your life, open you up to the greater possibilities of your potential and show you how to read at speeds of up to 20,000 words per minute, with totally enhanced comprehension and understanding.

What could you do with all the knowledge in the world???


P.P.S. Whatever your subject really is, remember it’s all about life, reality and You.

Benefit from The Overview Effect. Be the best learner, communicator and organiser that you can be.

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

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