What’s the #1 Productivity Secret that All Wise People Know?

What are the critical factors that are preventing you from having the career you desire?keep-calm-and-tidy-up-23

If you’re trying to get yourself recruited or you want to advance your career, you will be approaching the situation with a specific performance attitude.
Here’s one tip to take your performance through the roof, and stand out from other people:
Tidy Up.
Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing right now, take a look around you. Look at the space you are in and see how organised it is.
Is it tidy or cluttered? Does everything have its own place, or is there a lack of organisation?
When you work on your own organisation, and practice with your own space, organising your own things at home, you develop a skill that is like a rare gem in our times.
Look around you at the people you’re working with. How many of them leave a space cleaner than they found it? Or do they just add to the clutter??
Organisation is a core skill for every profession and every recruitment or progression opportunity. But here’s the thing… Nobody is going to teach you how to organise yourself. You’ll learn how to organise information or processes, but if you haven’t applied these skills to your life as a whole, then every time you try to gain momentum, you’ll find yourself being held back.
Of course, the real secret is about this: the way you organise your personal space is a direct reflection of the way you organise your life.
And, as always, you have a choice ahead of you. Will you keep on doing things the way you’ve always done them? Or will you keep on growing and polishing your organisational abilities?
Apply your skills and organise your space, your time and your money. And then let us know the surge of power you experience when you look upon your life with clarity!
1) Prepare your space
2) Categorise all items
3) Give away or discard all items that you haven’t used for 6 months or more.
4) Make a place for everything. Start with the things that are of most vital impact to you now. If it’s worth keeping then it deserves it’s own special place.
5) If you have any items left over, it means that you’ve got too much stuff. Make them into gifts. Work with the space you’ve got.
Polish yourself by polishing your world.
P.S. Be one of those people who always makes an impact. Always leave your space the way you want it to be when you return. It’s like a gift to yourself. People will soon notice the effect you have.
P.P.S. Master of space and time, David Allen, has a book that is #1 best seller on Amazon. Are you Getting Things Done?

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