What you Need to know about Strengths Theory…??

Thought of the day…

“Only those undifferentiated in quality and standards need concern themselves over ‘competition’.”

The same applies whether you’re currently competing for a place on a course, your next career move, or for market share.

It’s the core of ‘Strengths Theory’. Playing to your strengths, means developing your own expression of who you are and what you do… Then comes to sharing it with people who value those strengths.

There’s so much theory and rhetoric about how to fulfil your potential and be self-actualised, confident and successful. Could it really be so simple as…

KnowDevelop and Share your strengths…


Whatever your strengths are, the ones you’ll do best at, are the ones you love the most.

What’s at your core?


P.S. If you’re wondering where to start, try out this thought experiment:

“You know how when you learn a new word and then you keep seeing everywhere after that? That’s how we filter information. We only let through the things we focus on.

“So give this a go. Get a clean piece of paper and write at the top of the page:

New instructions for filtering information

Then write a version of the following sentence…

“For the next seven days, show my current possibilities that I have not been previously aware of”.

Make your own version; that feels the way you want it to. This is like a request to the unconscious mind. If you do happen to notice anything new over the next week, write that down too. Keep the paper upon your person and do comment on your feedback please 😉

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