You know that feeling when you’ve got something bubbling, and you need to talk??

It’s a familiar feeling for the clients you coach… but who do you turn to? Who do you go to when you’ve got something on your mind, that you need to resolve? How do you get to clarity when you need to express those thoughts and feelings?

Who do you turn to? Ideally, there’s a whole network of people available to you, from family, partner, friends and colleagues.

To get the clarity you need, it takes someone who can focus on you clearly, for as long as you need. And sometimes that’s too much to ask from people in your proximity.

Especially when you’re spending your time giving that kind of attention to others, in your professional capacity…. and you need that capacity reflected!

As a coach, you provide a connection for your client, so their thoughts, feelings and inspirations can flow.

Are you keeping yourself clear?

Are you flowing?

How do you make sure you don’t take on the weight of other people’s stuff?

It’s time to lighten the load!!

Everybody needs a coach… especially coaches!! And that means you.

I will listen, reflect and remain grounded, and support you in staying centred, letting go of resistances and eliminating inertia… so that you can elevate your coaching practice and energise your life.

You’ll experience a narrative style of coaching.

I’m interested in the stories of where you are now, how you got there and in what direction you’re going.

I’m interested in your creativity and where you get your inspiration; in how you relate to life and your place in it; and in how you’re doing while navigating this sacred theatre, with all it’s range of emotions and drama.

Allow me to take on the role of guide and I will use all my Strengths and Intelligences, (mainly my heart and ears), to serve you on your way.

For those times when you’re facing obstacles and challenges, and there’s no one else to turn to, call me. Get in touch below, and I’ll respond within 24 hours. First call is on the house.

The Strategic Empath


P.S. About my fees… There’s a friend of mine, who’s also a coach… she works as a manager, running a bunch of government departments in New Zealand… she’s awesome. I met her when I was doing my coaching training and she was one of my practise clients.

Now, when I need advice, I’ll think to myself, “What would Meredeigh say?”.

I sent her a message about needing some perspective on my pricing strategy, saying how I want it to be all ubuntu, and reflective and reciprocal… Then when I imagined how the conversation would go down, I knew exactly what Meredeigh would tell me… “Keep it simple!”

And she actually did! Although by the time we got to chatting, I’d figured that bit out for myself, and we got to sharing about deeper mysteries!! 😉

So here’s me keeping it simple:

1 month Solution package – £150 (GBP). Includes one 60 minute Solutions call. Email support. One 30 minute Accountability and Reflections call.
For those one off, “I’m feeling stuck” moments. Timings are as a guideline only. I’m not a clock-watcher. As far as I’m concerned you’re getting a solution, no matter how long that takes.

1 year Solutions package – £1500 (GBP). Includes anytime* Solutions and Accountability calls, plus email support.
For those professionals who want to maintain a regular pattern of reflection and learning. Or even if you just want to know that you’ll always have someone to turn to.

*Anytime… this basically means one Solution a month. Life is not always linear, and doesn’t run on a schedule, so I’m flexible to your requirement.

First Solution free… I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.