Being Grounded – Your no-cost, training.

Grounding is the number one skill of our age.

Isn’t this a pivotal moment in history?!

Humanity is at a transition. We’re entering an age of connectedness like never before. We’re able to share our lives, our experience and our insights with each other in an unparalleled way.

We’ve got access to information that would be unimaginable to our ancestors. The spread of English as a global language means we can reach out across the world and communicate. We have technologies available we can use to resolve all of humanities sorrows.

But all this has come with a price… Many of us are suffering from information overload. Our fast-paced lives brings almost 24/7 demands. Our use of technology is precarious – is it serving us or are we working to maintain it? Our environment is filled with pollutants: in the air and water; in the form of toxic beliefs and behaviours; as electrosmog, and the noise of incessant media and screen-time.

Striving for a traditionally successful, balanced life under these conditions can all too easily lead to burnout. People all over the world are losing the battle to fatigue as the strains of the modern world seem to only increase in volume.


The journey to fulfilment is challenging.


Don’t you want to face all these challenges with a clear mind and strong heart?? Then you need to be centred, focused and flexible.
Simultaneously relaxed and energised, creative and decisive.

Your key to maintaining your connection, to being present and in the moment is to be found within.

After all, if you want something to happen in your life, only you can be the creator of it. You have an idea; you’re able to express and share it; and when you act, you manifest your sense of purpose.

What is your purpose? You get to decide.

The answer is within you.

The most direct path to finding your answer is to be Grounded.

To be centred in the present and grounded in your body.

The practice of grounding is the most simple and effective way to make this happen.  You can learn it in only a few minutes and it will transform your life.

You know that feeling when you get a moment of inspiration in the shower? That’s because the water flowing through the copper pipes grounds you into the Earth.

You know how when you’re in nature… the garden, the countryside, the beach, the mountains and the forest… you get that feeling of being alive! That’s because your connection to Nature’s reservoir of negative ions allows your body to enter into a state of well-being. Electron deficiencies in your cells get balanced. The acidic effects of stress toxins are neutralised and your body can heal, repair and energise itself.

Sounds like bliss doesn’t it?!

So how can you live in this space of groundedness all the time?

Here’s a little story… A few years ago, my youngest sister strategically ditched her high-powered media job in London for a farm in Costa Rica. Her husband and she built a house in the cloud forest where they can grow their own food. It’s idyllic. And challenging to. She went through a significant physical detox, purging the city life from her. The desire for connection with the world and the existential challenges of life are still present.

She gets to do her grounding practice in a place like this…!!


You Path to Being Grounded – A 60 minute, no-cost, training session.

  • A step-by-step introduction showing you everything you need to do the grounding exercise.
  • A tailor-made plan to incorporate grounding practice into your day.
  • A kinaesthetic metaphor to anchor in the feeling of being grounded.
  • Deepen your understanding of how grounding will improve your sense of health and vitality.
  • Answers to any questions you have about maintaining your practice of being grounded, focused and connected.

Getting grounded is simple… you can learn it in minutes. And in just an hour, you can learn everything you need to make your grounding practice into a habit. That means

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