The Only Thing You’ll Ever Need to Know About Having a Great C.V.

There is one great, unmentioned fact about ‘how to have a great CV’.

Here it is:

If you want to have a great CV and a winning covering letter, and always get an offer when you interview…

Be great. It’s that simple.

Go outside right now, raise you arms to the sky and tell everyone in the whole universe that you are amazing. Go on. Do it! Now)

Know that you are already a winner because you’ve somehow traversed time and space to be alive at this very moment. Losers are those that have died to themselves. They’ve forgotten what it’s like to wake up in the mornings and be happy because of all the mischief that can be had in one day.

Why? Why? Why?!

Why do you even want that job? Is it going to be something that you wake up excited for? Is it going to be interesting, challenging and a nice place to be? You’re gonna spend most of your life at this place, so you better like hanging out there.

Is it going to make you wealthier? Financially, socially and intellectually?

This professional life that you want to undertake… Will it get you where you want to be???

In a flicker of time, our lives will be over. Our actions take on meaning only in relation to time. We can be important to other people for our whole lifetime and even beyond. But put our lifetimes in the perspective of the big picture:

We are wonders and marvels of nature, our biology and our intelligence are unique; we are made of stardust and all the stuff that everything is made of is entirely unaffected by any of the following things:

– When we wake up tired and moody,

– When we feel sad and alone,

– When we find love,

– When we overcome challenges,

– When we fail,

– Whether we are fulfilled or frustrated,

– Whether you get what you want or not.

None of these things have any kind of intrinsic meaning or impact on the universe and the life it contains. None of these things matter; Except to You.

The sun will come up and down everyday, whether you have a winning CV or not. Each day follows the same pattern and everyday you have the same decision to make, when you ask yourself, “What experiences do I want today?”


The best CVs are not made up by people who spent their time doing things that would look good on their CV. The absolute best CVs are the ones made by people who are excited to be alive.

So what’s the best investment of your time and energy right now?

Forget CVs, forget jobs and education and all the things other people are doing. Invest all your energy and attention on yourself right now. And only ever allow yourself experiences that make you glad you’re alive. Everything else will follow.


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