Search for Meaning

Sometimes it’s only in the quiet hours that we wonder wSearchinghat it’s all about.

My Mum asked me a question, not long before she died. “Are you satisfied?”, she said to me.

I was a bit shocked. Like do you really want to go into that right now?! I smiled sweetly and gave her my reply.

It was unsettling because the honest answer would have been, no.

It was one of those situations that made me look hard at myself, and inevitably, as you’ll know if you’ve ever done that, I got to asking, “What’s it all about?”

I don’t know the answer to that but it seems to be a popular question amongst humans.  It seems that we’re fascinated by the very idea of ‘meaning’ and the search for it.

Inevitably, we come up with our own reasons, but the simple fact of modern life today is that we’re limited in the amount of time and resources we can put towards our own meaning.

We all have two major limiting factors. One is cultural, and that’s about our upbringing and location.

The other is systemic and that’s mainly about the financial system we’re collectively operating in.

It’s wise words that say, “Solve a problem from the next level”. In other words, don’t try to shrink your problems, grow bigger than them!

So what’s the next level for us all, individually and collectively?

If you were to ask someone, what do you think is important about life, you could probably predict the kind of answers they would give quite easily. Something about family and relationships, health and wealth. Even though almost anyone you could ask around the world would say something similar, we don’t consider this as fundamentally unifying.

So I don’t think the question ‘What’s it all about?’, has anything to do with money or success or having a steady job. But I do feel really strongly that we should all have the opportunity and support and resources, to create our own meaning with our lives.

Jim Rohn, one of the original US teachers on development quotes a contemporary of his, Zig Ziglar, “When you help enough other people get what they want, you will get everything you want”. (skip to 4:40 for quote)

Historically, people have been drawn to this kind of idea when it is framed in the context of success. For sure, if you apply this to your business or career, it can only have a huge impact.

I first discovered this idea as a business principle from one of my all time favourite teachers Jay Abraham, who says, ‘Love your client and act accordingly’.

It comes across like a formula… do this kind of action and get this kind of result.

How can this formula be taken to the next level?

Imagine if you applied it to the subject of meaning…

When you help enough other people get the meaning they want, you will get all the meaning you want.

Now that sounds golden to me,


P.S. If like me, your brain screams “How?!”, here’s another quote from the video above, so you know where to start…

“Work on yourself harder than you work on your job”.

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