Bathe in me… B12

Bathe in me

Ok it would be a really expensive bath… this stuff is sooo tasty I want to submerge in it and become a fish and breathe it in to my body.

The taste of Dr. Group’s B12 is sublime. I would recommend it for the flavour alone… really it’s worth it just to be able to savour the blushing berry yumminess of this liquid form of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, which are the two most bio-active forms of B12 that go into this remedy.

Other B12 supplements use the cheaper forms of the vitamin, and people who have B12 injections have to go through all that effort and discomfort, when they could be getting the most potent form of bio-available B12, and enjoy the experience of taking it.

I’ve had severly low energy levels for a few years because of an immune system dysfunction, and if I could only choose one supplement it would be this. Taking it always brings me an immediate sense of relief and I’ve got way more energy… enough that I’m starting to feel like I’m recovering from this long term debilitating condition.

Of course there are many factors that contribute to health, yet because of the way B12 supports the body’s cardiovascular and nervous systems, it’s literally vitally important for your body to be getting the B12 it needs.

From supporting the adrenal glands, aiding the production of energy to normalising sleep patterns, it’s a no-brainer… get some B12 bliss in your life!

So I don’t actually recommend buying enough B12 to bathe in…. because when you taste it, that’ll do the trick!!

Taste me

Ooh and… it’s totally vegan, and organic and non-gmo… you can breathe easy ūüėČ

Double and…. Dr. Group gives a 180 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not absolutely satisfied with the results, you’ll get your money back.

Head over to Dr. Group’s page, and check out the details.