Get Into Your Body

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body!

A 1 hour class of Breathing, Self-care and Self-consultation.

Most people spend their day in their heads, overthinking,  and locked into the adrenalin buzz of do, do, do! And while we’re stuck in our heads, we neglect our bodies because we’re not there to look after ourselves from moment to moment.

Unmanaged long-term stress is a killer. It kills your quality of life because it traps you in your head, trying to ‘solve the problem’. But it’s impossible to think your way out of an existential crisis. One of the biggest drains is the amount of mental energy spent thinking. Our bodies are calling out for this attention which you can use to nourish your sense of well being and improve your ability to feel instead of thinking it away.

Khalil has practiced martial and healing arts for over 20 years, and after recovering from an immune system crash and an experience of PTSD, he’s discovered first hand what’s effective and what’s just woowoo. This class is a selection of simple techniques which you can use to take care of your body, mind and heart better too.

In the course of the hour, you’ll learn the power breath to bring warm, focused and calming attention to your body, in the moment. You’ll learn simple self-care techniques, based on Bowen Technique, to soothe muscles and joints, and banish tension. You’ll learn meditative, self-consultative ways to connect with your internal sources of information… your instinct, intuition and sense of love. And you’ll anchor this feeling of being grounded and centred in your body, so you can access it at any time.

The goal of this class is to show you how to ‘install’ the feeling of being safe and centred in your body, so that this feeling becomes part of your moment-to-moment awareness. Like a piece of software running in the background, where there’s always a portion of your attention monitoring the tension state of your body, so you can prevent any build up.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in the information overload, thoughts racing, tired and wired roundalay of modern, material life. If you want to keep up the pace, or even accelerate, then it’s important to slow down on the inside.
At “Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body”, you’ll find tools that you can use to focus your mind and calm your body, so you can feel safe, grounded and present, and use your energy to act on your instinct, follow your intuition and manifest your sense of love.

This one hour long class will be followed by additional time for complimentary hot drinks and chats. Please dress comfy and bring a mat/cushion, and water to keep hydrated.

For full details, please send a message to Khalil on 07743138858.